Friday, 30 November 2018

Silver jewellery from Sweden and Norway

Here are a dozen deightful pieces of silver jewellery from Sweden and Norway. There are modernist and traditional styles;  pendants, rings, brooches bangles and a bracelet. Makers include Alton, Theresia Hvorslev, Bengt Hallberg and Anna Greta Eker.

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item 1989,   Alton,  Theresia Hvorslev Sterling silver  huge pendant + chain, costs £295

item 1990,   Alton ,Palmberg,Sterling silver crystal ring, adjustable size,  SOLD

item 1991,  Alton Sterling silver crystal bangle,  SOLD

item 1992,   Atelier Borgila Sterling silver bracelet,   SOLD

item 1993,   Bo Ekstrom silver ring, size Q/8/57,  costs £55

item 1994,  Bengt Hallberg green banded agate pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 1995,   Victor Janson Sterling silver amazonite bangle, costs £99

item 1996,   BON  Sterling silver blue agate pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 1997,   Per Ericsson Sterling silver mid-century floral brooch, costs £48

item 1998,  Anna Greta Eker Plus Norway Design ring,  SOLD

item 1999,  Norway/ Sweden silver folk pendant + chain,  costs £55

item 2000,  Ivar Holth silver Viking Ship brooch,  SOLD

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