Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Danish silver rings, size N, 7, 54

Here's a collection of  Danish Sterling silver rings, all size  M-N to N, US 6.75 - 7,  EU 54 .

Makers include Aagaard, Algot Enevoldsen (Pandora), Brdr. Bjerring,  C.O..Frydensberg, Flora Danica and Herman Siersbol, - all esteemed Danish silversmiths of the late 20th century.

The rings are either plain silver or set with stones such as rhodochrosite, sodalite, moonstone or amber.

Prices are, as ever, very reasonable, and range from £40 to £75.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website Scandinaviansilver.co.uk

item 1749,  Aagaard  Sterling silver craggy ring,  small N,  SOLD

item 1750,  DB Sterling rhodochrosite ring  M-N, 6.5,, 53-54, SOLD

item 1751,  Brdr Bjerring Sterling dish ring, small N, 6.75, 54, costs £55

item 1752,  GIFA Sterling sodalite ring,  small N, 6.8, 54,  SOLD

item 1753,   ALE double ring with gold balls, size N , 7, 54,  SOLD

item  1754,  ALE beaded ring with moonstone, size N, 7, 54,  SOLD

item 1755,   Chr.Veilskov Sterling silver pointed ring, size N, 7, 54, SOLD

item 1756, Siersbøl Sterling silver pierced ring,  size N, 7, 54, open back,   SOLD

item 1757, Brdr Bjerring circles and squares ring, size N,  SOLD

item 1758, Carl Ove Frydensberg large amber ring,, size N, costs £75

item  1759,  Flora Danica large silver parsley ring, size N, SOLD

item 0285  Flora Danica  silver-gilt parsely ring with stone, size N, costs £50

item 0775,  Aagaard  silver-gilt stacking ring with stone, size N, costs  £48

item 0775,   Aagaard silver-gilt stacking ring with stone, size N, costs £48