Monday, 8 October 2018

Anton Michelsen and Royal Copenhagen

Here is a small collection of silver jewellery by the illustrious Danish silversmithy Anton Michelsen, as well as the later collaborative work with Royal Copenhagen Porcelain. Most of the items are brooches, and indeed, almost all of these have been on the website before, giving you another chance to acquire one of these much loved brooches.

A short history of this great silversmithy is provided below.

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item 0294    Anton Michelsen, Gertrud Engel 'Grass' brooch,  SOLD

item 0191,  Anton Michelsen Eigil Jensen green enamel leaf brooch,  costs £85

item 0501,  Anton Michelsen Strand Persian Palm Brooch,   SOLD

item 1939,   Anton Michelsen, Eigil Jensen, large Sterling silver stylised leaf brooch,  costs £145

item 0941,  Anton Michelsen Eigil Jensen Sterling stylised leaf brooch,   costs £99

item 1940,  Anton Michelsen, Royal Copenhagen silver and porcelain ring, size N /7,  costs £245

item 1941,  Royal Copenhagen porcelain and silver necklace, costs £235

item 0415,   Anton Michelsen, Gertrud Engel,  Sterling leaves brooch, costs £85

item 1299,  Anton Michelsen Sterling silver feather brooch, costs £75

item 0937,  Anton Michelsen , Gertrud Engel, Sterling  curled leaf brooch,  costs £88