Friday, 30 March 2018

White enamel jewellery from Denmark and Norway

Here is a delightful collection of white enamel jewellery from Denmark and Norway.  Most of the pieces are brooches, but there is also a necklace and a pair of earrings.  Half of the items are by Volmer Bahner, Denmark's most popular enamel specialist.
Apart from the butterflies, all the items have been guillochéed, that is, been engraved with a pattern on the surface of the silver, before the enamel was laid on top.  Most of the items have been gilt, that is, treated with a gold wash This is most evident on the backs, edges, and some details.

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item 1783,  Volmer Bahner white guilloche enamel necklace,  costs £195

item 0194,  Volmer Bahner guilloche white enamel cala lily brooch, costs £85

item 1784,  Volmer Bahner white  guilloche enamel brooch, costs  £85

item 1786,  Volmer Bahner Sterling white enamel 2 butterflies brooch,  costs £ 55

item 1787,    Volmer Bahner  Sterling white enamel 3 butterflies brooch,  costs £75

item 1788,   Scandinavian Sterling white enamel butterfly screw earrings,  costs £49

item 1789,   DGH sterling gilt white enamel dogwood  flower brooch,  SOLD

item 1785,  Brd Bjorklund  Sterling white enamel leaf brooch,  SOLD

item 1790,  Tostrup Sterling silver gilt white enamel brooch,  SOLD

item 1791,  H Myhre white enamel double leaf brooch,  costs £60

Don't forget,  on the website you will also find a number of white enamel Marguerite daisy brooches, earrings and pendants by Anton Michelsen and Georg Jensen, as well as other items by Volmer Bahner, including a white butterfly brooch and teardrop necklace.


Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Danish silver rings, sizes P -T

Here are a dozen  Danish silver rings, sizes UK O-P, US 7.5 EU56 to UK T, US 9.5, Eu 61.  They range in age and style from late Art Deco (1940s) to classic midcentury and late 20th century modernist. There is pearl, lapis, onyx and hematite.  And as usual, they are all very reasonably priced.

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item 1745, Siersbøl Sterling silver ring with two pearls, size UK O-P,   US 7.5,  EU 56,  costs £56

item 17 72  Bræmer-Jensen Sterling silver lapis ring, size P, 7.75, 56, costs £55

item 1773    Siersbøl Sterling silver onyx ring, size P, 7.75,56,  costs £55

item 1774,   Aagaard Sterling silver silky matt ring, size P, 7.75, 56,  SOLD

item 1775,   Bernhard Hertz Sterling silver knot ring, size P, 7.75, 56,   costs £55

item 1776,   Aagaard  Sterling oxidised ring with gold ball, size P, 7.75,56,  SOLD

item 1777   Bernhard Hertz Sterling silver ring with hematite ball, size P, 7.75, 56,  costs £55

item 1778,   Chr. Veilskov silver Art Deco style scroll ring, size P, 7.75,56,  SOLD

item 1779,   BoG Sterling ring with wavy lines of stones. , size Q, 8.5, 58,  costs £55

item 1780,   Københavns Guldsmedie midcentury foliage ring, size R, 8.75, 59,  costs £55

item 1781,  Sterling silver amethyst ring, size R-S, 9, 60, costs £55

item 1782,   C.O.Frydensberg Sterling silver lapis ring, size S-T, 9.5, 61,  SOLD

Saturday, 3 March 2018

Danish silver rings, size UK O, US 7.25 -7.5, Eu 55

Here are a dozen  affordable silver rings in size O from Denmark, some plain silver, others adorned with stones such as chrysoprase, turquoise, tiger eye or agate.   As usual, they are extremely competitively priced. 

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item 1760,   T Linder-Madsen Modernist Sterling ring, size N-O, 7.2, 55,  SOLD

item 1761,   Chr Veilskov red enamel ring, size N-O, 7.2, 55,  costs £60

item 1762,   Aagaard Sterling  ring size O, 7.25, 55,  costs £40

item 1763,  Turck Sterling ring with chrysoprase, size O, 7.25, 55,  SOLD

item 1764,   W. & S.S Horsens Sterling ring with tiger eye, size O, 7.25, 55, costs £65

item 1765,    M Trier Mørk huge striped agate ring,  size O, 7.3, 55,  SOLD
item 1766,  Danish Sterling silver rectangular striped agate ring, size O, 7.25, 55,  costs £75

item 1767,     Chr Veilskov Art Deco  silver ring, size O, 7.5, 55, costs £75

item 1768,   Denmark Scrouples Sterling ring with gold detail, size O, 7.5, 55,   SOLD

item 1769,   Aagaard  Sterling silver ring, O, 7.5  55,  SOLD

item 1770,   Børge Malling Jensen Sterling helmet ring with stars, size O. 7.5, 55,  costs  £48

item 1771,    Ib Andersen turquoise and silver balls ring, size O, SOLD