Saturday, 26 October 2019

Finland silver in focus

Finland is the focus of this listing, with 16 silver items, including just 2 returning items.  There are necklaces, pendants, bangles and bracelets, rings and a single brooch and pair of cufflinks.  Makers include Lapponia,  Elis Kauppi of Kupittaan Kulta, Kultaseppa Salovaara,  Karl Laine of Finnfeelings,  Erik Granit and  Matti Hyvarinen.

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item 2196,  Lapponia Sterling silver necklace,  SOLD

2197, Lapponia Sterling silver torc bangle,  SOLD

item 2198Lapponia Sterling silver ring, 'Styks', R /8.75/ 59,  SOLD

item 2199,  Lapponia Weckström Sterling silver 'Sagitta' ring, size V/ 10.5 / 63,  costs £245

item 2200,  Finnfeelings Karl Laine crystal pendant,  SOLD

item 2201,  Finnfeelings Karl Laine crystal bracelet,  SOLD

item 2202, Finnfeelings Karl Laine crystal ring, adjustable size,  costs  £85

item 2203, Erik Granit  Sterling silver bangle, costs £125

item 2204,  Erik Granit Sterling silver brooch, SOLD

item 2205,  Kupittaan Kulta Sterling silver fishes pendant,   SOLD

item 2206,  Kupittaan Kulta silver cups ring, adjustable finger size, SOLD 

item 2207,  Ibero Oy silver bracelet,  costs £125

item 2208,  Salovaara Sterling tiger eye pendant,  costs £48

item 2209  Salovaara silver amethyst pendant,  costs £48
item 0400,   Salovaara tear drop pendant, costs £55

item 0835,  Matti Hyvarinen Sterling silver cufflinks, cost £ 125

Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Niels Erik From Collection

Niels Erik From in his workshop, 1947. From is second from the right on the far side of the table. 
( Photo courtesy of Roskilde Mønt) 

Here is a collection of silver jewellery by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From, who opened a shop and workshop in the early 1930s in Nakskov on the island of Lolland.  Both the shop and the workshop expanded and moved location several times until they took possession of a large purpose-built factory in 1967.   The business finally closed in 1996 when it was taken over by Aagaard.

The collection offered today covers the early to mid modernist period, 1950s and 1960s, including several iconic pieces.  There are pendants, bracelets, rings, brooches, earrings and a pair of cufflinks.5 items have been on the website before. The rest are new vintage items.

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item 2186,   N.E.From Sterling silver rock crystal pendant,  costs £145

item 2187,    N.E.From Sterling silver rock crystal earrings, hooks,  SOLD

item 0668, N.E. From Sterling silver rock crystal ring,  Size UK N-O,  US 7,  Eu 54-55,   SOLD

item 2188,  N.E.From Sterling silver ovals bracelet,  costs  £145

item 2189,  N.E.From Sterling silver oval ear clips, cost £55

item 2190,   N.E.From Sterling silver amethyst necklace,  costs £145

item 2191,  N.E.From Sterling silver fish brooch with tiger eye,  SOLD

item 0060,  N.E.From Sterling silver 'boomerang' necklace,   SOLD

item 0059,  N.E.From Sterling silver 'boomerang bracelet, SOLD

item 2192,  N.E.From Sterling silver boomerang brooch,  SOLD

item 2193,   N.E.From Sterling silver double boomerang ear clips,  cost £60

item 2194,  N.E.From Sterling silver jasper ring, adjustable size,  costs £120

item 2195,  N.E.From Sterling silver jasper pendant, costs £95

item 0958,  N.E.From Sterling silver-gilt collar decoration, costs £145

item 1327,  N.E.From Sterling silver blue glass brooch / pendant ,  costs £ 125

item 1697, N.E.From Sterling silver bar cufflinks, cost £ 75

Friday, 4 October 2019

Anton Michelsen and Royal Copenhagen

Here's  a  superb and varied collection of jewelry from the workshops of the renowned Danish silversmith,  Anton Michelsen.   There are six pieces new to the site, mostly very rare. The rest  are returning favourites. The designers featured include Gertrud Engel, the 1950s foliage artist, and Eigil Jensen, who trained with Hans Hansen and created numerous outststanding modernist pieces during his 40 years with Anton Michelsen.

item  2180,  Eigil Jensen for Anton Michelsen, Sterling silver cuff bangle, SOLD

item 2181,  Eigil Jensen for Anton Michelsen, Sterling silver brooch, SOLD

item 2182,  Anton Michelsen Sterling silver clip earrings, cost  £65

item 2183,  Erik  Herløv for Anton Michelsen, silver gilt forget--me-not brooch,  SOLD

item 2184,  Erik  Herløv for Anton Michelsen, silver gilt forget--me-not bracelet, SOLD

item 2185,  Nils Thorsson for Royal Copenhagen Porcelain/Anton Michelsen pendant, 

item 0500,  Anton Michelsen silver stretchy spiral bangle, SOLD

item 0937, Gertrud Engel for Anton Michelsen, Sterling silver curled leaf brooch, SOLD

item 0294,  Gertrud Engel for Anton Michelsen, Sterling silver grass brooch,  SOLD

item 0043,  Gertrud Engel for Anton Michelsen, Sterling silver Viking Ship brooch, costs £ 75

item 0364,  Anton Michelsen medium silver gilt enamel daisy brooch, SOLD

item 0695,  Anton Michelsen very large silver gilt enamel daisy brooch, SOLD

Michelsen very large and medium daisy brooches. 

item 0759,  Eigil Jensen for Anton Michelsen, Sterling silver boomerang ear clips, SOLD

item 0934,  Royal Copenhagen Porcelain/Anton Michelsen, Flora Danica buttercup pendant/brooh, costs  £145

The Anton Michelsen Silversmithy was founded in 1841, and had thus long celebrated its centenary when it was bought up by the Royal Copenhagen Porcelain Manufactory in 1968. As Royal Copenhagen then went on to purchase Georg Jensen as well, Michelsen was gradually merged with Jensen, and today only the annual forks and spoons bear the Michelsen name.

1. Georg Jensen was apprenticed to Anton Michelsen in the 1890s, not the other way around! Several of the most popular late 20th century Jensen pieces were actually originally designed for Michelsen.

2. In the 1850s Michelsen was commissioned to redesign the Royal medals and has been making these by appointment ever since. Hence the expertise in enamelwork which led to

3. the most popular jewellery design of the twentieth century , the Marguerite Daisy, created in 1940 to celebrate the birth of Princess (later Queen) Margrethe. 

4. After its takeover by Royal Copenhagen in 1968, silver designers were encouraged to work with ceramicists, which resulted in some very interesting and sought-after creations.

5. At least since 1950 Anton Michelsen acknowledged its designers by stamping their signatures on each piece.  The Michelsen company commissioned such innovative designers such as
Karen Strand,  Gertrud Engel,  Eigil Jensen,  Nanna & Jørgen Ditzel,  Knud V Andersen and Jens Windfeld Hansen.

6. Michelsen set up a subsidiary in Sweden during the WWII and for some time after. MIC was the maker's mark used for items produced in Sweden, and this mark is often seen on Gertrud Engel designs of the 1950s, although they were also made in Denmark. In Sweden they also cooperated with the Swedish company Borgila.
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