Thursday, 18 April 2019

Danish silver earrings, with clips and with posts or hooks

Here is a very varied collection of vintage Danish earrings.  Most people did not have pierced ears until the 1970s, when the hygienic 'gun' was invented. So until then most earrings were produced with clips or screws, and these are often so pretty that I just have to buy them!  Good quality clips do not hurt the ears.
Half of this collection is with clips, the other half with posts or hooks for pierced ears.   Enjoy!

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item 2056,   BoG - Guld og Sølvdesign ear clips with hematite, balls,  SOLD

item 2057,  Huge Danish silver ear clips, SOLD

item 2058,   Flora Danica silver-gilt leaf ear clips,   cost £ 35

item 2059,   L.Gr round  silver foliage ear clips, cost £36

item 2060,  Dansk Smykkekunst silver ear clips,  SOLD

item 2061,  Carl Ove Frydensberg  boomerang silver gilt ear clips,  cost £36

item 2062,  JoH silver Inuit  'Ulu' knife earrings with posts,  SOLD

item 2063,  Danish silver earrings - studs with hematite balls,, cost  £33

item 2064,  Silver spiral earrings with hooks, cost £33

item 2065,   FA large round silver earrings - studs, SOLD

item 2066,  W&SS Horsens -  large silver sculptural stud earrings,  SOLD

item 2067,  Danish round silver stud earrings,  SOLD

Thursday, 4 April 2019

Niels Erik From Collection

Here is a collection of silver jewellery by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From, who opened a shop and workshop in the early 1930s in Nakskov on the island of Lolland.  Both the shop and the workshop expanded and moved location several times until they took possession of a large purpose-built factory in 1967.   The business finally closed in 1996 when it was taken over by Aagaard.

The collection offered today covers all periods of production, from the intricate flower-work pieces of the 1940s to the utlra-modern designs of the 1970s, but most of the most popular and familiar pieces stem from the 1950s and 1960s.  Nearly half of them are returning items.

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Niels Erik From in his workshop, 1947. From is second from the right on the far side of the table.
( Photo courtesy of Roskilde Mønt) 

item 2048,  N.E.From Sterling silver malachite brooch,  SOLD

item 2049, N.E.From Sterling silver malachite bracelet, costs £295

item 2050, N.E.From  Sterling silver drop earrings, SOLD

item 2051,  Niels Erik From ring, size UK P, US 7.75, Eu 56, SOLD

item 2052,  N.E.From Sterling silver ring, size N / 7 / 54, costs £ 125

item 1082,  N E From Sterling silver necklace, SOLD

item 1081,  N E From Sterling silver bracelet, SOLD

item 1964,  N.E.From jasper ring, size P,   SOLD

item 0210,  N.E.From  Sterling silver with cream 'stone' bangle. costs £99

item 2053, N.E.From Sterling silver ear clips with off-centre cream 'stone', SOLD

item 2054,    N.E.From Sterling amber pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 2055,  N.E.From Sterling silver amber  ring, size N / 7 / 54,  SOLD

item 1457,  Niels Erik From Sterling silver amber bangle,  costs £160

item 0744,  Niels Erik From large Sterling silver grid cufflinks, SOLD