Friday, 29 June 2018

Jørgen Jensen and other Danish pewter jewellery

Here is a fine collection of Danish pewter jewellery, featuring 10 items by the Danish pewter specialist, Jørgen Jensen, as well as pieces by Paul Warmind, Bent Larsen, Asøe Kunsthåndværk and Tinsmedene.

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item 1413, Jørgen Jensen  pewter amethyst-coloured pendant, with chain,   SOLD

item 1854,  Jørgen Jensen amethyst-coloured pewter bangle,  SOLD

item 1855, Bent Larsen amethyst-coloured pendant, with chain,  costs SOLD

item 1856,   Jørgen Jensen pewter pink cufflinks,  cost £  36

item 1857, Jørgen Jensen pewter red square ring,  SOLD

item 1582,  Poul Warmind large pewter pendant with leather cord, costs £ 65

item 1858,  Jørgen Jensen pewter red lozenge ring, SOLD

item 1859,  Jørgen Jensen pewter red lozenge pendant with chain, SOLD

item 1416,  Jørgen Jensen amber-coloured lozenge bracelet,   SOLD

item 1860,  Jørgen Jensen pewter green lozenge pendant + chain,  costs £ 49

item 1861,  Jørgen Jensen pewter blue dishes bracelet,  SOLD

item 1862,  Jørgen Jensen pewter light blue 'catseye' ring,  SOLD

item 1863,  Asøe pewter turquoise bracelet,  costs £ 42

item 1864,  Tinsmedene Denmark pewter shield brooch,  costs £24

Saturday, 16 June 2018

Danish silver cufflinks

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Here is an interesting collection of  10 affordable Danish silver cufflinks as well as a tieclip. 
Styles range from Art Deco,to  mid-century classical and sleek and simple modernist.  Some of the cufflinks are embellished, either with  enamel, amethyst or carnelian stone. 
Makers include Hugo Grün,  Aarre & Krog, Bernhard Hertz, Flora Danica, Meka and Randers Silver.

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item 1845   Hugo Grün classic Art Deco silver cufflinks,  cost £55

item 1846,   Bernhard Hertz  midcentury silver ball cufflinks,  SOLD

item 1647,  Bernhard Hertz Sterling silver-gilt cufflinks, cost  £55

item 1648,   Randers Sterling silver bar cufflinks,  SOLD

item 0616,  Flora  Danica Sterling silver parsleu cufflinks,SOLD

item 1850,   Long Sterling silver modernist cufflinks,  cost £55

item 1849,  Viggo Wollny dark carnelian silver cufflinks, cost £65

item 1851,  Holger Fridericia domed amethyst silver cufflinks, SOLD

item 1852,  Meka silver zebra cufflinks, SOLD

item 1853,  Aarre & Krog Sterling silver rectangular cufflinks,  cost £65

item 0081,  Hans Julius Larsen  'future' modernist silver tie clip, SOLD

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Danish silver earrings

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Here are a dozen Danish silver earrings for your consideration.  Most of these have posts for wearing with pierced ears, and some have never been worn as they were purchased from a trader who had acquired them from a shop which was closing down.  This is a rare opportunity for you to purchase more recent models at affordable prices. 

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item 1835,  Ale Sterling silver flower ear studs,  SOLD

item 1836,  Aagaard Sterling silver oxidised ear studs with gold, SOLD

item 1837,  Flora Danica (unmarked) parsley earrings - studs,   cost £30

item 1838,  ND large Sterling silver earrings - studs, SOLD

item 1839   C.G.Melcher Sterling silver earrings -clips,  SOLD

item 1840 ,  Stil-Sterling silver long earrings - clips,  SOLD

item 1841 - 1,      Scrouples  Sterling silver flower ear studs with gold ball,  SOLD

item 1841 - 2,   Scrouples  Sterling silver  gold ball ear studs, cost  £28
item 1842- 1 ,   Støvring Design  Sterling silver clover ear studs,  cost £ 27

item 1842  - 2,    Støvring Design  Sterling silver ear studs, cost  £ 27

item 1843,  Scrouples Sterling silver grape ear studs, SOLD

item 1844,  Rauff Sterling half hoop earrings - posts for pierced ears, SOLD