Saturday, 16 June 2018

Danish silver cufflinks

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Here is an interesting collection of  10 affordable Danish silver cufflinks as well as a tieclip. 
Styles range from Art Deco,to  mid-century classical and sleek and simple modernist.  Some of the cufflinks are embellished, either with  enamel, amethyst or carnelian stone. 
Makers include Hugo Grün,  Aarre & Krog, Bernhard Hertz, Flora Danica, Meka and Randers Silver.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 1845   Hugo Grün classic Art Deco silver cufflinks,  cost £55

item 1846,   Bernhard Hertz  midcentury silver ball cufflinks,  cost £68

item 1647,  Bernhard Hertz Sterling silver-gilt cufflinks, cost  £55

item 1648,   Randers Sterling silver bar cufflinks,  cost £65

item 0616,  Flora  Danica Sterling silver parsleu cufflinks, cost  £60

item 1850,   Long Sterling silver modernist cufflinks,  cost £55

item 1849,  Viggo Wollny dark carnelian silver cufflinks, cost £65

item 1851,  Holger Fridericia domed amethyst silver cufflinks, cost £55

item 1852,  Meka silver zebra cufflinks, cost £48

item 1853,  Aarre & Krog Sterling silver rectangular cufflinks,  cost £65

item 0081,  Hans Julius Larsen  'future' modernist silver tie clip, costs £39

Saturday, 2 June 2018

Danish silver earrings

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Here are a dozen Danish silver earrings for your consideration.  Most of these have posts for wearing with pierced ears, and some have never been worn as they were purchased from a trader who had acquired them from a shop which was closing down.  This is a rare opportunity for you to purchase more recent models at affordable prices. 

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 1835,  Ale Sterling silver flower ear studs,  SOLD

item 1836,  Aagaard Sterling silver oxidised ear studs with gold, cost £33

item 1837,  Flora Danica (unmarked) parsley earrings - studs,   cost £30

item 1838,  ND large Sterling silver earrings - studs, cost £36

item 1839   C.G.Melcher Sterling silver earrings -clips, cost  £55

item 1840 ,  Stil-Sterling silver long earrings - clips, cost £48

item 1841 - 1,      Scrouples  Sterling silver flower ear studs with gold ball,  cost £28

item 1841 - 2,   Scrouples  Sterling silver  gold ball ear studs, cost  £28
item 1842- 1 ,   Støvring Design  Sterling silver clover ear studs,  cost £ 27

item 1842  - 2,    Støvring Design  Sterling silver ear studs, cost  £ 27

item 1843,  Scrouples Sterling silver grape ear studs, cost  £ 33

item 1844,  Rauff Sterling half hoop earrings - posts for pierced ears, cost £40

Saturday, 19 May 2018

Danish silver brooches

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Here's a dozen affordable Danish silver brooches,. Styles range from the late Art Nouveau , Danish Skønvirke, through Art Deco, mid+century and modernist , with prices from £48.
For futher details and to place your order, go to the website

item  1823,   Munksgaard silver floral brooch, costs £95

item 1824,  T Skat-Rørdam Sterling silver circular brooch, costs £ 60

item 1825,  Modernist Sterling silver ridged brooch,  SOLD

Item 1826,   J A Jensen round silver floral brooch, costs £ 48

item 1827,   Ulrich Sterling chubby leaf brooch,  costs  £55

item 1828,  Skønvirke silver moonstone brooch,   costs £60

item 1829,  Henry Andersen Sterling silver functionalist bar brooch,  costs £48

item 1830,  Hugo Grün silver chain brooch,  costs £55

item 1831,  Chr.Rasmussen huge Sterling silver love knot brooch,  SOLD

item 1832,   Eiler  & Marløe silver Art Deco rabbit brooch,  costs £85

item 1833,  Hugo Grün Sterling silver freeform brooch,  costs £ 55

item 1834,   C Brumberg Hansen silver spirals brooch,    costs £ 48

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Danish silver necklaces and pendants

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Here is a collection of  12 Danish silver necklaces and pendants, although I'm not quite sure of the origin of the pink pendant.  They represent  periods and styles from the 1930s to recent modernist pieces. They include pendants with stones, pendants with framed floral or foliage motifs, silver gilt, strictly modern abstract.  Prices ranges from £39 to £185.

For further details and to place you order go to the website

item 1813,   Volmer Bahner Sterling silver necklace,  costs £185

item 1814,   GIFA Sterling silver necklace, SOLD

item 1815,    Sven Haugaard hematite pendant + chain or neckring,   costs £125

item 1816,    Scandinvian pink pendant + chain, costs £55

item 1817,   Brd. Bjorklund Sterling striped agate pendant, + chain,  costs £ 75

item 1818,   I.B.Jensen Art Deco gazelle pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 1819,    Chr. Veilskov silver vine leaf & grapes pendant + chain,  costs £85

item 1820,  Jul L silver scroll pendant + chain,  costs £ 55

item 1821,   Scrouples modernist Sterling silver scrolls pendant + chain,  costs  £ 48

item 1289, Chr. Veilskov silver floral pendant,  SOLD

item 1822, Aarre & Krogh silver gilt floral pendant + chain, costs £65

item 1263, Flora Danica small silver-gilt parsley pendant, SOLD

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Danish silver bracelets and bangles

Here is a collection of 11 Danish silver bracelets and bangles, including one returning item. Styles and age vary from the Art Deco  of the early 1930s to recent modernist pieces.  Prices from £55 to £125.  Makers include Carl M Cohr,  the Bjerring brothers, Aarre & Krog and Munksgaard. There are two bangles - the rest are bracelets.

For further details and to make your purchase go to the website

item 1803,   Hans Jensen Sterling silver modernist bracelet,   SOLD

item 1804,    KuG Sterling handmade cuff bangle,   SOLD

item 1805,   Cohr Art Deco  silver bracelet,  costs £99

item 1806,     Brdr. Bjerring Sterling leaf bracelet,  costs £85

item 1807,    Aarre & Krog Sterling ribbed bangle,   costs £85

item 1808      Gudmundsen midcentury silver bracelet,   costs £125

item 1809      B.Munksgaard Art Deco silver bracelet,    costs £125

item 1810,    Scrouples Sterling modernist bracelet,  costs  £ 55

item 1811,    Godtbergsen mid-century silver bracelet,   SOLD

item 1812,    Viggo Pedersen Art Deco silver bracelet  ,  costs   £ 85

item 1485,  I.B.Jensen silver deer bracelet,    costs   £99