Thursday, 6 December 2018

mid-century flora and fauna from Denmark

Here is a  small collection of pendants, bracelets and brooches from Denmark. They were all made between 1930 and 1960 and are NOT in the sleek and simple Danish modern style, which was not an immediate success amongst ordinary Danes.  Rather, they are in a distinctly Danish late Art Nouveau or Deco style, featuring animals, foliage and flowers, scrolls, and spheres, often within a rectangular or circular frame.

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item 2001, Dansk Guldsmedes Sølvvarefabrik silver gazelle pendant + chain, costs £125 

item 2002,   Grann & Laglye silver floral pendant + chain,   SOLD
item 2003,  Orrica silver floral pendant + chain, costs £125

item 2004,  Hans Julius Larsen silver tulip pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 2005,  Hans Jensen silver leaf and scroll pendant + chain,  costs £75

item 2006,   John Rasmussen midcentury silver floral bracelet,   costs £99

item 2007,   Midcentury Danish silver bracelet,   costs  £85

item 2008,   Midcentury Danish silver semi-spheres bracelet,   SOLD

item 2009,   Eiler & Marløe Art deco silver kneeling deer brooch,   SOLD

item 2010,  Henry Roland silver foliage brooch,  SOLD

item 2011,  Lauritz Jensen midcentury silver bar brooch,  £48

item 2012,   Hans Christian Siiger silver foliage brooch,  SOLD

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