Saturday, 27 January 2018

Danish silver ring, size UK K to M, US 5.25 to 6.5 and EU 50 to 53

This is the first of this season's listings of Danish silver rings. Here are 15 Sterling silver modernist rings,  in a wide range of styles and featuring pearls, amethyst, carnelian, amber, moss agate and tiger eye stones.  Prices vary according to the condition, style as well as the reputation of the designer/silversmith, ranging from £48 to £175.  They are all for slender fingers, although the Siersbøl amethyst ring is adjustable.

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item 1734,   Türck sleek modernist Sterling silver ring, size K, 5.25, 50, SOLD

item 1735,  M P Christoffersen Sterling silver huge amber ring, SOLD

item 1736,   Erling Boye Sterling silver stylised floral ring,  size K - L,/ 5.5 / 51,  costs £55

item 1737,   Pontoppidan Sterling ring with stone tops, size L / 6 / 51,  SOLD

item 1738,  Jens Asby huge Sterling silver tiger eye ring, size  L, 6, 52, costs £ 175

item 1739,  Ib Andersen Sterling silver modernist ring, size L, 6, 52,  SOLD

item 1740,   Aagaard Sterling oxidised ring with pearl, size L, 6, 52,  costs £48

item 1741,  Aagaard oxidised silver ring with gold and tiny stones, size L / 6 / 52, SOLD

item  1742,   Ole Waldemar Jacobsen Sterling onyx ring, size L. 6. 52,   SOLD

item 1743,   Jens Hougaard Sterling moss agate ring, size M, 6.25, 52,   SOLD

item 1744,    M P Christoffersen Sterling silver modernist ring,  size M / 6.5 / 53,  SOLD

item 1745,   Siersbøl Sterling  silver ring with 2 pearls, size M-N / 6.5 / 53,  SOLD

item 1746,  Siersbøl Sterling ring with large amethyst ball, split band, adjustable size, costs  SOLD

item 1747,  M P Christoffersen  Sterling silver triangular ring, size M-N / 6.5 / 53,  SOLD

item 1748,   Ib Andersen Sterling silver ring with carnelian ball, size M-N, 6.5, 53, SOLD

Thursday, 11 January 2018

Hearts for your Valentine

Here is a fabulous collection of  20 silver, enamel, and porcelain items, all with a heart motif.  Designers include Georg Jensen, Anton Michelsen and Royal Copenhagen, David-Andersen, Alton and Volmer Bahner.
There are 9 returning items, the rest are new to the site.
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item 1727,  SVG Denmark double heart pendant + chain, SOLD

item 0771, Royal Copenhagen Porcelain large brown puffy heart + chain, SOLD

item 1385,  Royal Copenhagen brown porcelain heart set in silver, + chain, costs £95

item 1385, Royal Copenhagen white porcelain heart set in silver + chain, SOLD 

item 0383,  Volmer Bahner burgundy hearts brooch, costs £68

item 0383, Volmer Bahner light blue hearts brooch, costs £68

item 1390,  Georg Jensen 2008 heart pendant by Henning Koppel + chain, SOLD

item 1390, Georg Jensen 2008 heart pendant by Henning Koppel, with original silk cord in original box, SOLD

item 1387, Aksel Holmsen blue enamel heart brooch, SOLD

item 1733, BoG Denmark hearts ring, size O-P, 7.5, 56,  SOLD

item 0377, David-Andersen yellow and orange enamel heart pendant + chain, SOLD

item 1729, FBM Denmark mini hearts necklace, SOLD

item 1728, Siersbøl double heart pendant + chain, SOLD

item 1723, Alton silver heart pendant with moonstone ball, SOLD

item 1731, Siersbøl hearts bracelet, SOLD

item 1725,  Meka blue enamel hearts necklace, 14",   SOLD

item 1730, Bernhard Hertz heart pendant with stone + chain, SOLD

item 1724,  Hroar Prydz yellow enamel heart pendant + chain, costs £75

item 1732, Luckenbooth silver brooch,  SOLD

item 1726, Finnfeelings Spectrolite pendant with original chain in original box,  SOLD

Already on the website
item 1385, Anton Michelsen Royal Copenhagen blue heart pendant + chain,  costs £95

item 1391,  Georg Jensen Henning Koppel Sterling heart ring  no.193 in box, size L-M/6, costs £225

item  1386,  Hroar Prydz  red enamel  pendant and earrings,  cost  £95

item 1394,  Siersbøl huge Sterling heart pendant + chain, SOLD

  Silver Faith, Hope & Charity brooch  costs £45