Friday, 29 November 2019

Norway and Sweden silver jewellery, including Plus Studio and Alton

Here is a collection of silver jewellery from Norway and Sweden featuring modernist designers such as Anna Greta Eker and Tone Vigeland of Norway Designs Plus Studios and Juhls of Kautokeino. The Swedish designers include K.E.Palmberg and Theresia Hvorslev for Alton, and well as Lindstrom for Bengt Hallberg.

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item 2231, Unhjem, Norway, Sterling silver pendant,  SOLD

item 2232,  Norway Designs, Plus  Studio, Eric Christoffersen, silver 'Anchor' pendant, SOLD

item  2233,  Tone Vigeland Norway Design Plus Studio 'SUN' brooch, SOLD

item  2234,  Anna Greta Eker, Norway Designs Plus Studio, BUZZ earrings, for pierced ears, SOLD

item 0988, Anna Greta Eker , Norway Designs Plus Studios, 'Jester Ring' , costs £95

item 1338, Anna Greta Eker Norway Designs Plus Studio,  'Groove' ring,   SOLD

item 2235, Juhls Sterling silver pendant,  SOLD

item 2236, Juhls Sterling silver brooch, SOLD

item 0493,  Alton, Sweden, small silver pendant by Theresia Hvorslev, costs £99

item 2237, Alton, Sweden,  large silver pendant by K.E.Palmberg, SOLD

item 2238, Alton Sweden rock crystal ring, size N/7,  SOLD

item 1643,  Lindstrom for Bengt Hallberg, Sweden, Sterling rock crystal bangle,  SOLD

item 2239, Södermark, Sweden, silver crystal ring, adjustable, SOLD

item 2240,  Saarela Sweden silver bracelet, SOLD

item 2241,  Dahlgren Sweden midcentury silver bracelet,  SOLD

item 2242,  Sweden silver Oars brooch,, SOLD

Thursday, 21 November 2019

Norway's David-Andersen family

Here is a fabulous collection of jewellery from Norway's leading silversmithy, David-Andersen.

All the most famous series from 1950 onward are represented;  the Troll series with the silver collection and the stone collection;  the Saga series with Viking copies, and Unn Tangerud's bronze series from the studio workshop of Uni David-Andersen, the great granddaughter of the founder.  There are also the numerous traditional and modern enamel on silver-gilt pieces to enjoy.
There are 14 pieces to chose from, of which 8 are new to the shop.  There is a ring, brooches,a  bangle,  pendants and even a pair of earrings.

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item 1944,     David-Andersen dangles  pendant,  SOLD
item 2223,  David-Andersen neck torc,  SOLD

item 2224, Uni  David-Andersen 'Snow Crystal' Sterling silver and thulite pendant,/ brooch , SOLD

item 2225,  David-Andersen Sterling silver with amazonite earrings, SOLD

item 2226, David-Andersen Saga series Sterling silver bangle, SOLD

item  0419,  David-Andersen 'Seasons' Sterling and enamel brooch, SOLD

item  0903,  David-Andersen large blue enamel butterfly brooch, costs £ 85

item 903, David-Andersen large multicoloured enamel butterfly brooch,  SOLD

item  2227, David-Andersen Sterling and blue enamel  pansy pendant, SOLD

item 0332, David-Andersen  Sterling silver and blue enamel 'Waves' brooch, costs £85

item 2228,  David-Andersen Sterling and blue enamel leaf brooch, SOLD

item 1637, David-Andersen Sterling and orange enamel ring,  SOLD

2229, David-Andersen Sterling and enamel ring, costs £65

item 2230, Unn Tangerud for Uni David Andersen bronze brooch, costs £49

Saturday, 9 November 2019

Scandinavian Bronze and Pewter

Here is an interesting selection of midcentury jewellery made of bronze and other metals,  mostly from Finland, but also a few from Norway and Sweden.
Makers include Hannu Ikonen,  Lapponia, Pentti Sarpaneva, Karl Laine, Else & Paul Hughes, Alton and Tennesmed.

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item 0979 ,Hannu Ikonen bronze Reindeer Moss ring, SOLD

item 2210, Hannu Ikonen bronze Reindeer Moss necklace, SOLD

item 2211, Lapponia Björn Weckström bronze necklace, 'Mustang', costs £195

item 2212,  P. Sarpaneva bronze pitsi ring, adjustable shank,  costs £50

item 2213  P. Sarpaneva bronze pitsi bracelet,  costs £85

item 1381,  P.  Sarpaneva bronze bark bracelet,  costs £110

item 2214, Finland PerttiPeuri? bronze pendant + chain, costs £48

item 2215,  Finland bronze pendant  , costs £75

item 2216,  Finland bronze bracelet , cost s £135

item 2217, Kalevala Koru bronze necklace, costs £60

item 2218, Else & Paul Hughes, Norway, bronze pendant + chain , costs £95

item 2219,  Tennesmed, Sweden, pewter pendant + chain, SOLD

item 2220,  Tennesmed, Sweden, pewter pendant +chain,  SOLD

item 2222, Alton, K.E. Palmberg white metal ring adjustable, , costs £48

item 2221,   Alton, K.E.Palmberg, bronze ring with turquoise,  adjustable, SOLD

Saturday, 26 October 2019

Finland silver in focus

Finland is the focus of this listing, with 16 silver items, including just 2 returning items.  There are necklaces, pendants, bangles and bracelets, rings and a single brooch and pair of cufflinks.  Makers include Lapponia,  Elis Kauppi of Kupittaan Kulta, Kultaseppa Salovaara,  Karl Laine of Finnfeelings,  Erik Granit and  Matti Hyvarinen.

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item 2196,  Lapponia Sterling silver necklace,  SOLD

2197, Lapponia Sterling silver torc bangle,  SOLD

item 2198Lapponia Sterling silver ring, 'Styks', R /8.75/ 59,  SOLD

item 2199,  Lapponia Weckström Sterling silver 'Sagitta' ring, size V/ 10.5 / 63,  costs £245

item 2200,  Finnfeelings Karl Laine crystal pendant,  SOLD

item 2201,  Finnfeelings Karl Laine crystal bracelet,  SOLD

item 2202, Finnfeelings Karl Laine crystal ring, adjustable size,  costs  £85

item 2203, Erik Granit  Sterling silver bangle, costs £125

item 2204,  Erik Granit Sterling silver brooch, SOLD

item 2205,  Kupittaan Kulta Sterling silver fishes pendant,   SOLD

item 2206,  Kupittaan Kulta silver cups ring, adjustable finger size, SOLD 

item 2207,  Ibero Oy silver bracelet,  costs £125

item 2208,  Salovaara Sterling tiger eye pendant,  costs £48

item 2209  Salovaara silver amethyst pendant,  costs £48
item 0400,   Salovaara tear drop pendant, costs £55

item 0835,  Matti Hyvarinen Sterling silver cufflinks, cost £ 125