Thursday, 15 August 2019

Danish modernist pewter and brutalist silvertone jewellery

Here is a collection of Danish modernist pewter pendants and a bracelet,  including 4 pieces by Jørgen Jensen, as well as some dramatic, brutalist style silvertone arm cuffs and a ring, 3 of which are by Dansk Smykkekunst.  Enjoy!

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item 1413, 
 Jørgen Jensen pewter  three dish pendant + chain,   costs  £ 49

item 0371, 
 Jørgen Jensen  pewter  two dish pendant + chain,   costs £38

item 2148,  Jørgen Jensen cuboid pewter dish pendant + chain,   costs £55

item 1031, 
 Jørgen Jensen pewter  agate  pebbles pendant + chain,   costs £33

item 2149,  Troels Tin pewter pendant + chain, costs £ 36

item  2150,  ÅA  Denmark brutalist pewter bracelet,  costs £ 49

item 2151,  Dansk Smykkekunst silvertone arm cuff,  costs £75

item 2152,  Dansk Smykkekunst brutalist goldtone pendant,  costs £60

item 2153,   Dansk Smykkekunst amethyst silvertone ring,  costs £60

item 2154,   Chromica silvertone amethyst arm cuff,  costs £58

Friday, 2 August 2019

Danish silver jewellery with animal motifs

Here is a collection of delightful  midcentury silver jewellery from Denmark.  There are pendants, bracelets, brooches, a pair of earrings and a ring. Most of them are in the Art Deco style and they all feature an animal: birds, deer and gazelles, squirrels, fish and even an insect .
Designers include Eiler & Marløe, Chr.Veilskov, Hugo Grün and Fir.  Munksgaard

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item 2139,   Chr.Veilskov silver bird pendant + chain,  costs £125

item 2140 ,  Munksgaard  Sterling silver bird brooch, no. 327, costs £88

item 2141,  Hugo Grün Sterling silver bird ear clips, SOLD

item 2142,  Hansen & Andersen silver grouse pendant + chain,  costs £60

item 2143, Hans Jensen silver insect pendant + chain, SOLD

item 2144,  Erikson & Kromann silver fish ring, costs  £ 85

item 2145,  Eiler & Marløe silver fish pendant + chain, no.321, costs £ 125

item 2146,   Eiler & Marløe silver gazelle bracelet, no.117, costs  £ 135

item 2009, Eiler & Marløe silver kneeling deer brooch,  costs £95

item 2147,   I B Jensen silver squirrel bracelet,  costs £125

Sunday, 21 July 2019

Danish silver cufflinks

Here is a fabulous collection of  Danish silver cufflinks in Art Deco, classically elegant, or  Danish Modern designs. Makers include Cohr,  Eiler & Marløe, Bernhard Hertz. Munksgaard, and Randers Silver.

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item 0745   Eiler &  Marløe cufflinks no. 406,  cost £86

item 2130,  B.Alexis Godtbergsen silver knot cufflinks,    cost  £55

item 2131 ,   Munksgaard  Sterling silver grooved cufflinks,  cost  £65

item 2132   Aarre & Krogh midcentury modern Sterling silver cufflinks,  cost   £65

item 2133,  Hans Jensen Art Deco silver cufflinks,  cost £60

item 2134,  Randers large stylised Sterling silver knot cufflinks,  cost £75

item 2135,   W. Kromar Sterling silver grooved rod cufflinks,   cost £60

item 2136,    Carl M Cohr Art Deco silver cufflinks,  cost £75

item 2137,  Laglye midcentury elegant Sterling silver cufflinks,  cost £ 55

item  2138,   Bernhard Hertz Sterling silver  cufflinks,  cost £60

Tuesday, 9 July 2019

Danish modern abstract silver brooches

Here is a small collection of silver brooches by a selection of Danish silversmiths who all worked in abstract designs in middle of the twentieth century.

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item 2122, Børresen & Lassen abstract Sterling silver brooch,  costs £85 

item 2123, Danish Sterling silver freeform brooch,   costs £48

item 2124,  Brdr. Bjerring freeform Sterling silver brooch with agate,  costs £68

item 2125,   Aage Weimar Sterling silver brooch,  SOLD

item 2126,  BoG - Guld og Sølvdesign modernist Sterling silver brooch with crystal, SOLD

item 2127,  Carl Ove Frydensberg Sterling silver modernist star brooch,  costs £55

item 2128,  Amos Slor Sterling silver freeform brooch,  costs £60

item 2129,  Henry Clemmensen mid-century modern silver brooch,  costs £55

Friday, 28 June 2019

Danish modern Sterling silver bracelets and bangles

Here is a collection of delightful bracelets and bangles from Denmark - vintage and affordable.

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item 2112,  Bent Eriksen Stering silver  bangle,  SOLD

item 2113,  Scrouples Sterling silver bracelet,  SOLD

item 2114,  Brdr. Bjerring Sterling silver onyx bangle,  SOLD

item 2115,  B. Poulsen Sterling silver bracelet,  SOLD

item 2116,  Svein Solberg Sterling silver lapis lazuli bangle,  costs £85

item 2117,  Fredericia Sterling silver bracelet, costs £85

item 2118,  Randers Sterling twisted silver bangle,  costs £68

item 2119,  T Skat-Rørdam Sterling silver bracelet, costs £72

item 2120,  Claus Georg Melcher Sterling silver bangle,  SOLD

item 2121,  Frits Heiring Sørensen Sterling silver knot bangle,  costs £95

Friday, 14 June 2019

Danish silver modernist pendants and necklaces

Here is a collection of Danish silver pendants and necklaces in the Scandinavian modern style.

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item 2102  ,  Horsens Sølvvarefabrik (W&SS) modernist Sterling onyx pendant,  SOLD

item 2103,   Niels P Design Sterling silver pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 2104,   Britta Jensen Sterling silver necklace,  costs £99

item 2105,  Bernhard Hertz Sterling silver with turquoise pendant + chain, costs £55

item 2106,  Danish Sterling silver banded agate pendant + chain, costs £75

item 2107,  Jens Tage Hansen Sterling silver 'boomerang' necklace,  SOLD

item 2108,  Denmark FSL Sterling silver pendant + chain,  costs £48

item 2109,    Henning Ulrichsen large Sterling silver freeform pendant  + chain,  SOLD
item 2110,   Scrouples Sterling silver necklace with silver coil,  costs £44

item 2111,   Scrouples Sterling silver hematite pendant + chain,  SOLD