Saturday, 10 November 2018

Focus on Finland

Finland is the focus of this listing, with 14 silver items and 6 bronze.  There are necklaces, pendants, bangles and bracelets, earrings and a single pair of cufflinks.  Makers include Lapponia,  Elis Kauppi of Kupittaan Kulta, Kultaseppa Salovaara,  Karl Laine of Finnfeelings, Pekka Pekainen, Matti Hyvarinen and Pentti Sarpaneva

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item 1970,   Matti Hyvarinen Sterling silver necklace, costs £175

item 1971,  Finnfeelings/  Karl Laine Sterling silver crystal pendant+ chain,  costs £70

item 1972,  Finnfeelings / Karl Laine Stering silver crystal bangle,  costs £85

item 1973,   Karl Laine Sterling silver ring, adjustable size,  costs £85

item 1974,  Kupittaan Kulta silver ear screws,  cost £48

item 1975,  Kupittaan Kulta Sterling silver pendant + chain,  costs £125

item 1976,   Kupittaan Kulta Sterling silver tiger eye bangle,  costs £175

item 1977, Kupittaan Kulta Sterling silver tiger ear studs, cost £65

item 1978,  Pekka Pekäinen Sterling silver twisted neckring,  costs £245

item 1365, Lapponia Weckstrom Sterling silver cufflinks, cost  £225

item 1979,  Salovaara Sterling silver carnelian pendant + chain, costs £135

item 1980,  Salovaara  Sterling silver rock crystal pendant + chain,  costs £95

item 1981,  Salovaara  Sterling silver pendant + chain,  costs £48

item 1982,   Salovaara Sterling silver smoky quartz pendant + chain, costs £55

item 1983,  Karl Laine bronze bracelet, costs £85

item 1984,   Sarpaneva large bronze 'pitsi' pendant + chain,  costs £85

item 1985,  Sarpaneva bronze chrysanthemum bracelet,  costs £85

item 1986,   Sarpaneva bronze 'pitsi' cufflinks,   cost £75

item 1987,  Finland delicate bronze articulating pendant + chain,   costs £65

item 1988,   Pertti Peuri bronze abstract pendant + chain,  costs £65

Saturday, 3 November 2018

Niels Erik From collection

Here is a fabulous collection of 20 pieces by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From.  3 pieces are returners, the rest are new to the site.

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item 1953    N.E.From Sterling silver amethyst pendant + chain , costs £145

item 1954,  N.E.From Sterling silver amethyst bangle,  costs £195

item 1955,  N.E.From Sterling silver amethyst ring, size I, 4.25, 48, costs £60

item 1956, N.E.From Sterling silver ear drops, pierced ears , cost £85

item 1957,   N.E.From Sterling silver spiral ear clips,  cost £ 55 

item 0959,  Niels Erik From Sterling narrow torc, costs £145

item 0171   N.E.From Sterling aerodynamic brooch, costs £ 85
item 1958,  N.E.From Sterling silver rhodocrosite bracelet,  costs £175

item 1959,  N.E.From Sterling silver rhodocrosite pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 1960,  N.E.From Sterling silver rhodocrosite off-centre ring, size Q, 8,  costs £85

item 1961,    N.E.From Sterling crumpled silver lapis ring,  size N, 7, costs £ 80

item 1962,   N.E.From Sterling silver green agate ring,  size N, 7, 55,  SOLD

item 1963,  N.E.From Sterling silver green agate open bangle,  costs  £165

item 1964,   N.E.From Sterling silver huge jasper stone ring,  adjustable size,  SOLD

item 1965,   N.E.From Sterling silver onyx? pendant + chain,  costs £145

item 1696,  N.E.From Sterling silver horseshoe cufflinks,  cost £75

item 1966,  N.E.From  Sterling silver off-centre cufflinks,  cost £88

item 1967,  N.E.From Sterling silver amber ring, adjustable size,  SOLD

item 1968,  N.E.From Sterling silver amber pendant + chain,  costs £195

item 1969,  N.E.From Sterling silver amber bangle, costs £175

Saturday, 20 October 2018

The David-Andersen family collection

Here is a fabulous collection of jewellery from Norway's leading silversmithy, David-Andersen All the most famous series from 1950 onward are represented;  silver, silver-gilt and enamel, the Troll series, the Saga series, and Unn Tangerud's bronze series from the studio workshop of Uni David-Andersen, the great granddaughter of the founder.
There are 20 pieces to chose from, of which 11 are new to the shop.  There are rings, brooches, bangles and a bracelet, pendants and even a pair of earrings.

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item 1631.   David-Andersen Sterling ring, size N /7,  costs  £125

item 1942,  David-Andersen ,  Uni David-Andersen 'LuckyCharm' Sterling 3 balls ring, adjustable size, costs £125

item 1943,   David-Andersen Toril Bjorg ring, adjustable size, costs £135

item 1944,  David-Andersen Sterling modernist dangles pendant + chain,  costs £235

item 1945,  David-Andersen Sterling wrap-around arm bangle,  SOLD

item 1946,   David-Andersen Sterling modernist jade ring, adjustable size, costs £125

item 1947,  Daviid-Andersen Harry Sørby, Sterling amazonite brooch,  SOLD

item  1634,  David-Andersen Fleet of Viking Ships pendant / brooch, costs £ 225

item 0419, David-Andersen Blue Four Seasons  enamel brooch, costs £175

item 0901,  David-Andersen blue enamel bracelet, costs £165

item 1149,  David-Andersen, Toril Bjørg, red enamel reversible pendant, costs £ 195

item 1948,  David-Andersen, Willy Winnæss white or yellow enamel leaves brooch, cost £40 each

item 1949,  Uni David-Andersen Unn Tangerud huge bronze pendant/brooch, costs £125

item 1950,   Uni David-Andersen Unn Tangerud geometric bronze pendant / brooch,  costs £85

item 1951,  Uni David-Andersen, Unn Tangerud bronze earrings, pierced ears, cost £125

item 0926, David-Andersen Viking coiled ring, size K or M, costs £65

item 1505, David-Andersen Saga series silver  ring, size R  costs £95

item 0991,  David-Andersen Saga series prehistoric bangle, costs £185

item 1952,  David-Andersen Sterling silver Saga Urnæs  brooch,  costs £88

item 1343,   David-Andersen Saga series  Sterling cufflinks,   cost  £85