Tuesday, 18 September 2018

Georg Jensen, probably the best silversmithy in the world

Here is a wonderful collection of Georg Jensen silver

Established in 1904, the Danish silversmithy Georg Jensen needs no introduction, but today I will be identifying the designers of all the wonderful silver pieces in the collection listed below.  They include Søren Georg Jensen,  Henry Pilstrup, Arno Malinowski, Henning Koppel, Poul Hansen, Flemming Eskildsen,  Vivianna Torun Bülow-Hube, Anette Kraen, Regitze Overgaard and Gail Spence. .
Six pieces are returners, but mostly they are new to the site, and include a few very rare pieces. There are rings, pendants, cufflinks, brooches and bangles


For further details and to place your order, go to the website scandinaviansilver.co.uk

item 1919,   Georg Jensen 'Forget me Knot' brooch no.384 by Torun, costs £249

item 1920,  Georg Jensen double Mobius ring no.369, by Torun, size M/N,  costs £199

item 1921,  Georg Jensen Mobius ring no. 148B by Torun, size K,  costs 175

item 1922,  Georg Jensen Dewdrop ring no152 with moonstone, byTorun,  size N,  SOLD

item 1923,  Georg Jensen Malinowski Sterling silver butterflies brooch, no.283, costs £285

item 1924,  Georg Jensen Malinowski Sterling silver bird brooch, no. 258,  costs £245

item 0921,  Georg Jensen Infinity pendant, chain, cord and key link set, in box, costs £145

item 1925,  Georg Jensen Sterling silver 'Flip' bangle by Gail Spence,  costs £ 375

item 1926,  Georg Jensen Sterling silver 'Flip' ring by Gail Spence, size  N / 7,  , costs £225

item 1927,  Georg Jensen green agate bangle no.188 by Poul Hansen,  costs £425

item 1928,  Georg Jensen cufflinks no.84 by Flemming Eskildsen,  cost £225

item 1929,   Georg Jensen Sterling silver cufflinks no.54 by Henry Pilstrup, cost £225

item 1239,   Georg Jensen pendant 462 with leather cord,  by Søren Georg Jensen,  costs £ 195

item 1599,  Georg Jensen Sterling silver "Strata" pendant 203 with silver chain, costs £195

item 1592,  Georg Jensen Henning Koppel Sterling silver ring 125, Size  L,  costs £195

item 1931,  Georg Jensen Sterling silver necklace no 40 by Henry Pilstrup, costs £350

item 0102,  Georg Jensen  Sterling silver rare 1990 Annual pendant + chain, costs £ 155

item 0350,  Georg Jensen 2006 pendant with orange moonstone + chain, costs £ 145

item  1932,  Georg Jensen lapis 2013 annual pendant + chain, costs £185

Tuesday, 14 August 2018

Celebrating Edinburgh and Scotland

August is just the best time to be in Edinburgh - the city streets throng with people from all over the world, all here to experience some of the thousands of productions running in every theatre, hall, marquee, nook and cranny, as well as the historical sights, the Tattoo, the open air markets and street performers.
I have always included some Scottish silver in my collection. But what better time than during the Edinburgh International and Fringe Festivals.

There are three distinct groups offered in this listing, which will appear over a number of weeks:  Scottish modern, Scottish Mackintosh-inspired and Scottish prehistoric, Celtic and Viking

The islands in the north of Scotland were under Scandinavian rule from the Viking age until the late Middle Ages. There are still a lot of Nordic influences, and the fine silversmiths of the Orkney and Shetland Isles produce wonderful pieces based on their Nordic heritage.

The same silversmiths, notably Ola Gorie and Malcolm Gray of Ortak, were obviously influenced by Scandinavian Modern in their formative years, when they produced some great modernist pieces.

The 150th anniversary of the birth of the Glaswegian architect, artist and and designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh has already witnessed terrible and wonderful events. His most famous building, the Glasgow School of Art, was destroyed by fire earlier this year, and at the same time, his Gesamtkunstwerk the Willow Tea Rooms has been reborn.   The motifs used in his interiors; grids, stylised roses, petals and leaves, have inspired many local silversmiths, and we offer a collection by Carrick Jewellery Ltd.

item 1221,  Ortak  silver modernist agate brooch,  costs  £68

item 1894,   Una Hutchinson Sterling silver modernist necklace,  SOLD 

item 1895,   Gilchrist Sterling silver modernist pendant,  costs £48

item 1896,  Carrick Sterling silver modernist ladder brooch,  costs £55

item 1897, Jack Spencer Sterling modernist pendant + chain,   SOLD

item 1898,   Birthe Andersen Sterling modernist ring,  costs £55

item 1899,  Keith Robinson  Sterling silver lattice bangle / arm cuff,  costs  £75

item 1900, Keith Robinson Sterling silver amethyst arm cuff/bangle, costs £99

item 1901, Keith Robinson Sterling silver sodalite arm cuff/bangle, costs £135

item 1902, Ola Gorie Sterling silver stylised flower brooch, costs £75

item 1903, Carrrick Jewellery  Sterling silver Mackintosh-inspired necklace in box, costs £78

item 1904, Carrick Jewellery Mackintosh-inspired Sterling silver drop earrings for pierced ears, in box, cost £30

item 1905, Carrick Jewellery Mackintosh-inspired Sterling silver brooch, costs £45

item 1906, Carrick Jewellery Mackintosh-inspired Sterling silver drop earrings for pierced ears, in box, cost £33

item 1907, Carrick Jewellery Mackintosh-inspired Sterling silver ear studs in box, cost £28

item 1908, Carrick Jewellery Mackintosh-inspired large rectangular Sterling silver brooch in box, costs £48

item 1909,  Ola Gorie large Sterling silver Maeshowe dragon pendant,  costs  £125

item 1910,  Ola Gorie Sterling silver Sjusta brooch,  costs £75

item 1911, Ola Gorie Sterling silver Burrian cross ring with box,  costs £ 55 

item 1912,  Ola Gorie Sterling silver Burrian cross cufflinks,  cost £95

item 1913,  Kit Heath Sterling Trefoil necklace, costs £ 60

item 1915,  Solvar silver rhodium trefoil  brooch in box,  costs £40

item 1915,  Sterling silver Ulbster Cross pendant WJ,  costs £ 36
item 1916,  Sterling silver  Celtic knot ear studs, cost   £28

item 1918,  John Hart Ionian silver Viking ship ear studs,  cost £36

item 1918, John Leman enamel fantasy beast pendant,  costs £48

Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Danish silversmith Herman Siersbøl

Here is a great collection by the Danish silversmithy of Herman Siersbøl.  He opened his workshop in 1945, setting out to produce innovative and pretty silver jewellery which was also affordable.  These early designs were hugely popular and in the 1950s most young girls received one of his necklaces or bracelets as a Confirmation present. -  note that the Danish church is a State church and you are automatically a member unless you actively opt out.  The whole school class is confirmed at the same time, with few requirements from the student , but lots of parties and presents.
This collection includes several of these 1950s pieces, as well as other designs from that era and later decades, when the company become a follower of, rather than a leader, of design trends.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website scandinaviansilver.co.uk

item 1880  Herman Siersbøl Sterling amethyst necklace,  costs £95

item 0184  Herman Siersbøl Sterling amethyst brooch, costs £50

item 0185  Herman Siersbøl Sterling blue stones necklace, costs £85

item 1881,   Herman Siersbøl Sterling blue stones bracelet, costs £70

item 1882 ,   Herman Siersbøl,   blue silver brooch, SOLD

item 0362,  Herman Siersbøl Sterling silver and gold nugget pendant with chain,  costs £75

item 1883,  Herman Siersbøl Sterling silver and chrysoprase ring, size M, SOLD

item 1884, Herman Siersbøl Sterling gold wire ring, size P, 8, 57, costs £60 

item 1885,  Herman Siersbøl Sterling gold wire cufflinks, cost £ 65

item 1886,  Herman Siersbøl Sterling oval cufflinks, cost £50

item 1887, Herman Siersbøl Sterling Persian palm bracelet,  costs £ 70

item 1888,  Herman Siersbøl Sterling freeform brooch, costs £50

item 1889,  Herman Siersbøl Sterling triangular dish cufflinks, cost £50

item 1890,  Herman Siersbøl Sterling bangle with ball,  costs £70

item 1891,  Herman Siersbøl Sterling organic necklace, SOLD

item 1892, Herman Siersbøl Sterling shell bracelet, costs £70

item 1892, Herman Siersbøl Sterling stylised leaves brooch, SOLD