Saturday, 4 July 2020

Danish silver rings

Here is a fine collection of modernist Danish silver rings, all sizes from M to S (6.5-9.5/53-61).

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item 2331,  Bent Larsen crumpled silver ring M, 6.5 52,   costs £40

item 2332,  GIFA silver onyx ring, M 6.5,  costs £55

item 2333,  Scrouples silver knot ring, N 6.75, costs £55

item 2334,  Plaza Sterling silver ring, size N, 7, 54,, costs £60

item 2335, Munnecke silver abalone ring, O. 7.25,  costs £ 48

item 2336,  Denmark silver amber ring, size O, 7.25, 55,  SOLD

item 2337, M.P.Christoffersen Sterling ring, O, 7, 55, costs £60

item 2338,  Funen Sterling silver ring with gold ball,  size O-P, 7.75,  costs £40

item 2339,   Pigernes Guld og Sølv Sterling silver with gold chrysoprase ring, size  P. 7.75, costs £75

item 2340,  Scrouples dainty Sterling ring with stone,  P, 7.75,  costs £48

item 2341,  Natura Design  925S  ring, Q, 8.5,  SOLD

item 2342,  Brd. Bjorklund silver chrysoprase ring, P-Q, 8. 57,  costs £95

item 2343,  Scrouples Sterling silver ring ,  size R, 8.75, 59,  costs £55

item 2344,   Kurt Dehli  Deco silver ring, size R, 9, 59,   costs £58

item 2345,   GIFA Viking chieftain ring,  large size, S, 9.5, 61,  costs £40

Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Danish silver brooches

Here is a small collection of Danish silver brooches, all styles and prices. Two have been on the website before.

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item 2323,  A.O.Petersen Art Deco silver brooch with amber,  SOLD

item 2324.  Brdr. Bjerring silver-gilt daisy brooch with central moonstone, costs £75

item 2325, Eiler & Marløe  silver gazelle brooch, costs £ 95

item 2326:  Mule Thers Sterling silver vinaigrette brooch, SOLD

item 0864,  Flora Danica rose bud brooch, with box,  costs £55
ite,m 1701;    Tilia silver-gilt clover brooch,  costs £40

item 2327,  C.A.Christensen silver floral bar brooch,  costs £48

item 2328,  C.O.Frydensberg foliage and scrolls brooch,  costs £68

item 2329,  H.O.Jacobsen large Sterling silver circles brooch,  costs £65

item 2330  John Lauritzen Sterling silver foliage brooch, costs £55

Sunday, 31 May 2020

Danish silver bracelets and bangles

Here are 10 Danish silver bracelets and bangles, all styles and eras, and all new to the website. Enjoy.

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item 2313 ,  Danish Larsen wide foliage bracelet, costs £125

item 2314,  H.Grün stylised silver daisy bracelet,  costs £125

item 2315,  C A Christensen midcentury bracelet,  costs £65

item 2316, Eiler & Marløe silver lily pad bracelet, costs £65

item 2317, Sigurd Black Sterling silver bangle,  SOLD

item 2318,   Frank Ahm Sterling silver bangle,  SOLD

item 2319,  Ulrichsen Sterling silver bracelet,  costs £125

item 2321,, Randers Sølv Sterling silver bangle,  SOLD

item 2320,  Randers Sølv Sterling silver bracelet, SOLD

item 2322,  S.Christian Fogh Sterling silver bracelet,  costs £95

Sunday, 17 May 2020

Danish silver necklaces and pendants

Here is an assortment of Danish silver necklaces and pendants,. They cover the last hundred years in style. 3 pieces have been on the website before, the rest are new and several are extremely rare.

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item 2305.  Eiler & Marløe  Art Deco silver lily pad necklace, SOLD

item 2306,  Danish early 20th century floral necklace, costs £145

item 0256,  Midcentury Danish silver necklace ( Siersbøl ),  SOLD

item 2307,  Bernhard Hertz Deco silver figurative pendant,  costs £145

item 2308, DGS silver Deco deer pendant, no. 296,  costs £99

item 2309,  F Matzen antique silver moonstone pendant,  costs £145

Item 2310,  John Lauritzen  silver star pendant, SOLD

item  2311,  Jytte Kløve Sterling necklace,  SOLD

item 2312,   Scrouples Sterling silver modernist pendant, costs £85

item 2102,  Horsens (W&S.S.)  banded onyx modernist pendant, SOLD

item 1263,  Flora Danica silver gilt parsley pendant. costs £49

Friday, 1 May 2020

AAGAARD - Jens Johannes Aagaard

Here is a collection of silver by the popular contemporary Danish silversmithy of Jens Johannes Aagaard.  Established in Svendborg (on Funen) in 1946, the company grew steadily until recently. Its  takeover of Niels Erik From and its young designer, Lasse Lærke in the 1990s saw the introduction of innovative designs, especially the dual or triple surfaces and colours, as well as the turn and click clasp for bracelets and necklaces. The company is known worldwide for the introduction of the Lovelinks brand, and more recently, Connections and the Kranz Ziegler brands.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 2292, Aagaard tricolour pendant incl snake chain,  SOLD

item 2293, Aagaard tricolour ring, size O, costs £89

item 2294, Aagaard tricolour ear studs,,  cost £55

item 2295, Aagaard gold flower ring, size R,  costs £75

item 2296, Aagaard gold and silver brooch, costs £85

item 2296, Aagaard silver pendant +chain, costs £70

item 2298,  Aagaard silver ear studs,  SOLD

item 2299,  Aagaard silver bracelet, costs £99

item 2301,  Aagaard, silver and gold textured ring with clear stone, size P-Q, costs £60

item 2300,   Aagaard Sterling silver 3 band ring, size R,  costs £60

item 2302, Aagaard Sterling silver loop ring, size N, costs £60

item 2303 Aagaard Sterling ring with gold ball,   sold

item 2304  Aagaard Sterling silver ring with clear stone, size L-M, costs £60