Friday, 29 November 2019

Norway and Sweden silver jewellery, including Plus Studio and Alton

Here is a collection of silver jewellery from Norway and Sweden featuring modernist designers such as Anna Greta Eker and Tone Vigeland of Norway Designs Plus Studios and Juhls of Kautokeino. The Swedish designers include K.E.Palmberg and Theresia Hvorslev for Alton, and well as Lindstrom for Bengt Hallberg.

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item 2231, Unhjem, Norway, Sterling silver pendant,  SOLD

item 2232,  Norway Designs, Plus  Studio, Eric Christoffersen, silver 'Anchor' pendant, SOLD

item  2233,  Tone Vigeland Norway Design Plus Studio 'SUN' brooch, SOLD

item  2234,  Anna Greta Eker, Norway Designs Plus Studio, BUZZ earrings, for pierced ears, SOLD

item 0988, Anna Greta Eker , Norway Designs Plus Studios, 'Jester Ring' , costs £95

item 1338, Anna Greta Eker Norway Designs Plus Studio,  'Groove' ring,   SOLD

item 2235, Juhls Sterling silver pendant,  SOLD

item 2236, Juhls Sterling silver brooch, SOLD

item 0493,  Alton, Sweden, small silver pendant by Theresia Hvorslev, costs £99

item 2237, Alton, Sweden,  large silver pendant by K.E.Palmberg, SOLD

item 2238, Alton Sweden rock crystal ring, size N/7,  SOLD

item 1643,  Lindstrom for Bengt Hallberg, Sweden, Sterling rock crystal bangle,  SOLD

item 2239, Södermark, Sweden, silver crystal ring, adjustable, SOLD

item 2240,  Saarela Sweden silver bracelet, SOLD

item 2241,  Dahlgren Sweden midcentury silver bracelet,  SOLD

item 2242,  Sweden silver Oars brooch,, SOLD

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