Friday, 22 February 2019

White and Red Enamel jewellery from Norway and Denmark

Norway and Denmark both have long traditions of enamelling on jewellery. Particularly in Norway the number of silversmiths producing and exporting enamel jewellery exploded in the mid twentieth century which resulted in a large variety of styles and designs.  This week I am presenting the first of 3 listings of enamel jewellery,  with brooches, earrings, necklaces and a bracelet, all in white or red.
3 items have been on the website before, the others are all new to the site.

All the items have been made from Sterling silver, some have received a thin coat of gold (gilt/vermeil) before the pattern has been engraved by machine (guilloche) and then being coated with enamel.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 0364,  Anton Michelsen Marguerite daisy brooch, medium size, SOLD

item 0106,  Anton Michelsen Marguerite daisy ear clips, 1.8 cm, SOLD

item 2026,   O.F.Hjortdahl modernist white enamel bracelet, SOLD

item  2027,  JEMAX  white enamel necklace,  SOLD

item 2028,  Unmarked white enamel lily of the valley brooch, SOLD

item 2029,  Ivar Holth white enamel rose brooch,  costs £65

item 2030,  K.A.Rasmussen modernist red enamel brooch, costs £75

item 2031,  J.Tostrup modernist red enamel brooch,  SOLD

item 0194, Volmer Bahner red enamel cala lily brooch, SOLD

item 2033, Aksel Holmsen red enamel necklace, SOLD

item 2032, Finn Jensen  red enamel brooch, SOLD

Saturday, 9 February 2019

Hearts for Valentine's Day

Here's half a dozen new items to the website, as well as a dozen already on the website.  What do they have in common? -  of course it is the heart shape .

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 2021 Aagaard Sterling silver heart pendant+chain, SOLD

item 2022,  OPRO Notwegian guilloche enamel heart penant + chain.  costs £ 65

item  2023, Hans Hansen 2 hearts brooch, costs £75

item 0383,  Volmer Bahner  white enamel hearts brooch, SOLD

item 2024,  Scrouples Sterling silver folding hearts ear studs, cost £28

item 2025, Viggo Wollny Sterling silver heart shaped ear clips, cost £35

item 1386,  Hroar Prydz red enamel earrings and pendant  SOLD

item 0771,  Royal Copenhagen huge porcelain heart pendant + chain, SOLD

item  1391 , Georg Jensen Henning Koppel Sterling heart ring  no.193 in box, size L-M/6,  costs £195 

item  1045,  Royal Copenhagen Porcelain / Michelsen brown chubby heart pendant,  costs £65

item 1730,  Bernhard Hertz Sterling silver heart pendant with small cut stone, SOLD

item  1397,   Sterling onyx  heart pendant + chain, costs £28

item 0622,  Faith, Hope and Charity silver  brooch, costs £40

item  1934,  Hans Hansen Sterling silver hearts brooch, costs £165

item 1724,  Hroar Prydz  silver yellow enamel heart pendant + chain, SOLD

item 0774, Hans Hansen Sterling silver hearts bracelet,  SOLD

item 1385,  Anton Michelsen Royal Copenhagen silver-backed blue heart pendant + chain
costs £95, 

item 1385,  Anton Michelsen Royal Copenhagen silver-backed brown heart pendant + chain
costs £95,