Thursday, 22 November 2018

Returning favourites

It is so annoying when you have seen something you like on the website, but by the time you decide to make the purchase, it has disappeared -gone - sold to someone else.
Here are 24 pieces which have been on the website before, some of them several times, giving you another opportunity to acquire a very special piece of Scandinavian jewellery.

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item 0401 Niels Erik From Sterling spiral balls ring, size M / 6.5 /53,  costs £75

item 0988  Anna Greta Eker, for Norway Plus Designs, Sterling 'Jester' ring,  costs £95

item 0300, Willy Winnæss silver 'Planet' pendant, costs £45 (no chain), £50 -£52 (with chain)

item 0750,  Øystein Balle  silver and enamel brooch,   SOLD

item  1058,  Herman Siersbøl  square satin finish silver cufflinks, SOLD

item  1489, Willy Kromar silver bar cufflinks,  costs £60

item 1636,  Marianne Berg for David-Andersen, 'Marianne's heart'  silver pendant set with amazonite,  SOLD

item 0937,  Gertrud Engel for Anton Michelsen, silver curled leaf brooch, SOLD

item 0936, Getrud Engel for Anton Michelsen, silver curled leaf ear clips, SOLD

item 1664,  Bent Gabrielsen for Hans Hansen, silver 'Peak' ear clips, SOLD

item 0062,  Bent Gabrielsen for Hans Hansen, silver 'Peak' brooch, costs £125

item 0501,  Karen Strand for Anton Michelsen 'Persian Palm' brooch, costs £130

item 0043, Anton Michelsen  silver Viking Ship brooch,  SOLD

item 0287,  Juhls  Norway silver brooch, costs £55

item 0336,  Aksel Holmsen silver pendant,  SOLD

item 0185,  Herman Siersbøl silver necklace with iridescent stones, SOLD

item 0184,   Herman Siersbøl  silver brooch with iridescent stones, costs £ 48

item 1288,  Eiler & Marløe silver ripe rye brooch, SOLD

item 0771,  Anton Michelsen/ Royal Copenhagen Porcelain huge heart pendant, SOLD

0306,  Antique silver Skønvirke brooch, costs £ 125

item 0864, Flora Danica silver gilt rosebud brooch in original box, costs  £ 55

1510, Ola Gorie, Orkney, silver  Pictish Crescent and V-rod pendant, costs £ 95

item 0982,  Unn Tangerud for Uni David-Andersen bronze brooch, SOLD

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