Saturday, 3 November 2018

Niels Erik From collection

Here is a fabulous collection of 20 pieces by the Danish modernist master Niels Erik From.  3 pieces are returners, the rest are new to the site.

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item 1953    N.E.From Sterling silver amethyst pendant + chain , SOLD

item 1954,  N.E.From Sterling silver amethyst bangle,  SOLD

item 1955,  N.E.From Sterling silver amethyst ring, size I, 4.25, 48, costs £60

item 1956, N.E.From Sterling silver ear drops, pierced ears , SOLD

item 1957,   N.E.From Sterling silver spiral ear clips,  SOLD

item 0959,  Niels Erik From Sterling narrow torc, costs £145

item 0171   N.E.From Sterling aerodynamic brooch, SOLD
item 1958,  N.E.From Sterling silver rhodocrosite bracelet,  costs £175

item 1959,  N.E.From Sterling silver rhodocrosite pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 1960,  N.E.From Sterling silver rhodocrosite off-centre ring, size Q, 8,  costs £85

item 1961,    N.E.From Sterling crumpled silver lapis ring,  size N, 7, costs £ 80

item 1962,   N.E.From Sterling silver green agate ring,  size N, 7, 55,  SOLD

item 1963,  N.E.From Sterling silver green agate open bangle,  costs  £165

item 1964,   N.E.From Sterling silver huge jasper stone ring,  adjustable size,  SOLD

item 1965,   N.E.From Sterling silver onyx? pendant + chain,  costs £145

item 1696,  N.E.From Sterling silver horseshoe cufflinks,  cost £75

item 1966,  N.E.From  Sterling silver off-centre cufflinks,  SOLD

item 1967,  N.E.From Sterling silver amber ring, adjustable size,  SOLD

item 1968,  N.E.From Sterling silver amber pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 1969,  N.E.From Sterling silver amber bangle, costs £175

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