Wednesday, 17 June 2020

Danish silver brooches

Here is a small collection of Danish silver brooches, all styles and prices. Two have been on the website before.

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item 2323,  A.O.Petersen Art Deco silver brooch with amber,  SOLD

item 2324.  Brdr. Bjerring silver-gilt daisy brooch with central moonstone, costs £75

item 2325, Eiler & Marl√łe  silver gazelle brooch, costs £ 95

item 2326:  Mule Thers Sterling silver vinaigrette brooch, SOLD

item 0864,  Flora Danica rose bud brooch, with box,  costs £55
ite,m 1701;    Tilia silver-gilt clover brooch,  costs £40

item 2327,  C.A.Christensen silver floral bar brooch,  costs £48

item 2328,  C.O.Frydensberg foliage and scrolls brooch,  costs £68

item 2329,  H.O.Jacobsen large Sterling silver circles brooch,  costs £65

item 2330  John Lauritzen Sterling silver foliage brooch, costs £55