Thursday, 9 April 2020

Scandinavian Blue, Red and Green enamel jewellery

Norway and Denmark both have long traditions of enamelling on jewellery. Particularly in Norway the number of silversmiths producing and exporting enamel jewellery exploded in the mid twentieth century which resulted in a large variety of styles and designs.  This week I am presenting the second listing of enamel jewellery,  with brooches, earrings, and a necklace, all in blue, red or green. .

All the items have been made from Sterling silver, some have received a thin coat of gold (gilt/vermeil) before the pattern has been engraved by machine (guilloche) and then being coated with enamel.

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2280  SOLD

2282  Tostrup enamel brooch sold

2283   Tostrup blue enamel ear clips,  SOLD

2281  Tostrup blue enamel bracelet, costs £165

item 0848,   Volmer Bahner blue enamel bracelet, costs  £135

item 2284,  Volmer Bahner blue enamel brooch,  costs £68

item 2285 Arne Nordlie blue hearts bracelet for child, costs £60

item 2286,  Blue and gold enamel brooch, costs £49

item 0843, Holth blue enamel with filigree brooch, costs £75

item 1152, Finn Jensen light blue enamel brooch, SOLD

item 2287,  Myhre blue enamel hair grip, costs £49

item 2288, Aksel  Holmsen chubby red enamel brooch, costs  £85

item 0843, Ivar Holth red enamel with filigree brooch, costs £75

item 1800, Aksel Holmsen red enamel brooch, costs  £75

item 2289,  Volmer Bahner red bar brooch , SOLD

item 2290, Ivar Holth  red enamel scallop  edge brooch,  costs £69

item 2290 Ivar Holth green enamel scallop edge brooch, costs £69

item 2291, K A Rasmussen green enamel boomerang brooch, costs £88

item  0194, Volmer Bahner green enamel cala lily brooch, SOLD

item 1785, Brd. Bjorklund green enamel leaf brooch, SOLD