Saturday, 22 February 2020

All about Herman Siersbøl

Herman Siersbøl founded his opened his own silversmith workshop in Kastrup, Denmark, in April 1945. It was his mission to create affordable quality jewellery in modern designs.  and he succeeded, creating extremely popular designs for young and old alike.  After his untimely demise in an accident in 1964, his children took over the company, and whilst some of the originality and creativity was subsequently lost, the success continued by producing affordable  quality versions of the latest trends.  Today the name continues as a brand under Nordahl Andersen of Horsens, Denmark.

Here is a broad selectionof Siersbøl's work, with necklaces,earrings, rings, brooches and cufflinks, 17 pieces in all,of which 5 have been on the website before. 

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 0602,   Siersbøl Sterling boomerang necklace,  costs £145

item  2267,   Siersbøl Sterling silver Persian Palm ear clips,  cost £33

item  2265,   Siersbøl Sterling boomerang cufflinks,   costs £75

item 2260, Siersbøl Sterling silver-gilt nugget ring, adjustable size, costs £125

item 0326,  Siersbøl Sterling silver-gilt nugget pendant, costs £125

item 0185,  Siersbøl Sterling silver necklace with pink moonstones, costs  £125

Item 0184,  Siersbøl Sterling silver brooch with pink moonstones,  costs £55

item 2266,   Siersbøl Silver Lily of the Valley brooch, costs £48 

item 2259,  Siersbøl Sterling silver chain bracelet, costs £145

item 2264, Siersbøl Sterling silver craggy ring, size O. costs £56

item 2262,  Siersbøl Sterling modernist ring, size N,   costs £58

item 2263,   Siersbøl Sterling silver modernist ring, size P,costs £75

item 2268, Siersbøl Sterling silver stylised foliage brooch, costs £48

item 0183,  Siersbøl silver ear clips with blue stone,  cost £33

item 1058,   Siersbøl Sterling silver cufflinks,  cost £49

Tuesday, 28 January 2020

Hearts for Valentine's Day

Here are 10 new items of Scandinavian jewellery, all heart-shaped. 7 of them are returners, only 3 new.  Below these you'll find photos of a dozen 'heart' pieces, already on the website.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 0376, Royal Copenhagen Porcelain heart with silver bale and chain, costs £75

item 0377, David-Andersen blue enamel on silver pendant + chain, SOLD

item 0772, Georg Jensen heart brooch by Arno Malinowsku, SOLD

item 2257,  Sweden Burmans hearts bracelet and ear studs.  cost  £75

1042  ALTON heart ring with tiger eye ball,  costs £75

item 1387,  Holmsen white enamel heart brooch,  SOLD

item 0771, Royal Copenhagen Porcelain large puffy heart pendant, SOLD

item 1045,  Royal Copenhagen Porcelain small puffy heart pendant, costs £65

item 2255,  Randers Silver huge open heart pendant + chain,   SOLD

item 2256 Kranz & Ziegler heart earrings, cost £39

 And don't forget all these hearts, already on the website

item 2024,, Scrouples silver heart studs.  cost £28

                                                ite,2025, Viggo Wollny heart clips, cost £35

item 0383, Volmer Bahner white enamel hearts brooch, SOLD

item 0383, Volmer Bahner red enamel hearts brooch, costs  £68

item  2023,   Hans Hansen small 2-hearts brooch, costs £60

item 1934, Hans Hansen hearts brooch, costs £165

item 0774, Hans Hansen silver hearts bracelet, costs £325

item 1385, Anton Michelsen /Royal Copenhagen Porcelain ceramic heart £95

item 1391, Georg Jensen heart ring by Henning Koppel, costs £185

item 2022, Opro enamel  on silver heart pendant, SOLD
item 2140, Munksgaard bird in heart brooch, costs £88

item 2251, Bent Knudsen, open heart brooch, costs £145