Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Georg Jensen, probably the best silversmithy in the world

And probably the most famous one too. Georg Jensen established  his smithy in 1904 to create affordable jewellery by using non-precious metals and stones and with great design  and craftsmanship at its core.   From the Danish Art Nouveau , Skønvirke, through Art Deco, Functionalism, to Danish Modern, the company continues to pursue and maintain this fundamental mission.  I am offering a collection of 13 pieces spanning 100 years of great design.  5 pieces have been offered before, the rest are new. to the website.   The designers include Harald Nielsen, Henry Pilstup, Arno Malinowski, Henning Koppel and Nanna Ditzel

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 1591,  Georg Jensen, Nanna Ditzel , Sterling silver ring, no.91, size O / 7/ 55, costs  £ 295

item 2162, Georg Jensen,  Lene Munthe, Sterling silver ring, no. 425, size  P-Q / 8 / 57,  costs  £175

item 2163,  Georg Jensen, Harald Nielsen, Sterling hematite ring no 46B, size M, 6.5, 53,  costs £225

item 2164,  Georg Jensen Steffen Andersen Sterling ring no. 107, size O. 7.5, 55,   SOLD

item  2165,   Georg Jensen Sterling silver double bangle, mobius, no.A32B,  costs £225

item 2166,  Georg Jensen, Henning Koppel Sterling silver brooch, no.324,  SOLD

item  0913,  Georg Jensen, Arno Malinowski, Strling silver kneeling deer brooch, no. 256,  SOLD

item 0502,  Georg Jensen, Arno Malinowski, Sterling silver cockerel brooch, no. 276, costs £345

item 1389,  Georg Jensen  2007 Sterling silver 'Silver Air' pendant,  SOLD

item 2167,  Georg Jensen Sterling silver annual Heritage pendant 2000,  costs £145

item 0540  Georg Jensen silver-gilt white enamel 18 mm daisy pendant, costs  £125

item 2168,  Georg Jensen, Harald Nielsen, Sterling silver cufflinks, no. 44A,  costs  £245

item 2169,  Georg Jensen, Henry Pilstrup, Sterling silver cufflinks no. 53,  SOLD

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