Thursday, 15 August 2019

Danish modernist pewter and brutalist silvertone jewellery

Here is a collection of Danish modernist pewter pendants and a bracelet,  including 4 pieces by Jørgen Jensen, as well as some dramatic, brutalist style silvertone arm cuffs and a ring, 3 of which are by Dansk Smykkekunst.  Enjoy!

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item 1413,
 Jørgen Jensen pewter  three dish pendant + chain,   SOLD

item 0371,
 Jørgen Jensen  pewter  two dish pendant + chain,   SOLD

item 2148,  Jørgen Jensen cuboid pewter dish pendant + chain,   SOLD

item 1031,
 Jørgen Jensen pewter  agate  pebbles pendant + chain,   SOLD

item 2149,  Troels Tin pewter pendant + chain, costs £ 36

item  2150,  ÅA  Denmark brutalist pewter bracelet,  costs £ 49

item 2151,  Dansk Smykkekunst silvertone arm cuff,  costs £75

item 2152,  Dansk Smykkekunst brutalist goldtone pendant,  costs £60

item 2153,   Dansk Smykkekunst amethyst silvertone ring,  costs £60

item 2154,   Chromica silvertone amethyst arm cuff,  costs £58

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