Sunday, 21 July 2019

Danish silver cufflinks

Here is a fabulous collection of  Danish silver cufflinks in Art Deco, classically elegant, or  Danish Modern designs. Makers include Cohr,  Eiler & Marløe, Bernhard Hertz. Munksgaard, and Randers Silver.

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item 0745   Eiler &  Marløe cufflinks no. 406,  cost £86

item 2130,  B.Alexis Godtbergsen silver knot cufflinks,    cost  £55

item 2131 ,   Munksgaard  Sterling silver grooved cufflinks,  cost  £65

item 2132   Aarre & Krogh midcentury modern Sterling silver cufflinks,  cost   £65

item 2133,  Hans Jensen Art Deco silver cufflinks,  SOLD

item 2134,  Randers large stylised Sterling silver knot cufflinks,  SOLD

item 2135,   W. Kromar Sterling silver grooved rod cufflinks,   cost £60

item 2136,    Carl M Cohr Art Deco silver cufflinks,  cost £75

item 2137,  Laglye midcentury elegant Sterling silver cufflinks,  cost £ 55

item  2138,   Bernhard Hertz Sterling silver  cufflinks,  cost £60

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