Saturday, 19 May 2018

Danish silver brooches

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Here's a dozen affordable Danish silver brooches,. Styles range from the late Art Nouveau , Danish Skønvirke, through Art Deco, mid-century and modernist , with prices from £48.
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item  1823,   Munksgaard silver floral brooch, costs £95

item 1824,  T Skat-Rørdam Sterling silver circular brooch, costs £60

item 1825,  Modernist Sterling silver ridged brooch,  SOLD

Item 1826,   J A Jensen round silver floral brooch, SOLD

item 1827,   Ulrich Sterling chubby leaf brooch,  costs  £55

item 1828,  Skønvirke silver moonstone brooch,   costs £60

item 1829,  Henry Andersen Sterling silver functionalist bar brooch,  costs £48

item 1830,  Hugo Grün silver chain brooch,  costs £55

item 1831,  Chr.Rasmussen huge Sterling silver love knot brooch,  SOLD

item 1832,   Eiler  & Marløe silver Art Deco rabbit brooch,  SOLD

item 1833,  Hugo Grün Sterling silver freeform brooch,  costs £ 55

item 1834,   C Brumberg Hansen silver spirals brooch,    costs £ 48

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