Saturday, 21 April 2018

Danish silver bracelets and bangles

Here is a collection of 11 Danish silver bracelets and bangles, including one returning item. Styles and age vary from the Art Deco  of the early 1930s to recent modernist pieces.  Prices from £55 to £125.  Makers include Carl M Cohr,  the Bjerring brothers, Aarre & Krog and Munksgaard. There are two bangles - the rest are bracelets.

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item 1803,   Hans Jensen Sterling silver modernist bracelet,   SOLD

item 1804,    KuG Sterling handmade cuff bangle,   SOLD

item 1805,   Cohr Art Deco  silver bracelet,  costs £99

item 1806,     Brdr. Bjerring Sterling leaf bracelet,  costs £85

item 1807,    Aarre & Krog Sterling ribbed bangle,   Sold

item 1808      Gudmundsen midcentury silver bracelet,   SOLD

item 1809      B.Munksgaard Art Deco silver bracelet,    SOLD

item 1810,    Scrouples Sterling modernist bracelet,  SOLD

item 1811,    Godtbergsen mid-century silver bracelet,   SOLD

item 1812,    Viggo Pedersen Art Deco silver bracelet  ,  costs   £ 85

item 1485,  I.B.Jensen silver deer bracelet,    costs   £99


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