Saturday, 25 November 2017

Niels Erik From collection

Here are nearly 20 pieces by the Danish modernist master silversmith, Niels Erik From, who worked from the mid 1940s to the mid 1980s.  4 of the items have been on the website before, the rest are new to me . What a prolific producer his studio was !

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item 1683,  N.E.From Sterling amethyst necklace,  SOLD

item 1684,  N.E.From Sterling gilt brooch with amethyst,  SOLD

item 1685, N.E.From Sterling jasper pendant + chain, SOLD

item 1686,  N.E.From Sterling onyx pendant,  SOLD

item 0060, N.E. From boomerang necklace, SOLD

item 1687,  N.E.From Sterling bracelet,  SOLD

item 0669, N. E From lapis lazuli ring, costs £75

item 0956,  N.E.From lapis lazuli ear clips, SOLD

item 1688,  N.E.From Sterling mid century traditional ear clips, cost £ 65

item 1689,  N.E.From silver midcentury traditional ring, size R /9/ 59,  SOLD

item 0854,   N.E.From bar drop earrings for pierced ears, SOLD

item 1690,  N.E.From Sterling crumple cast earrings with posts,  SOLD

item 1691,  N.E.From Sterling large crystal ring, size M-N . 6.5 , 53,  SOLD

item 1692, N.E.From Sterling wraparound 2 balls ring, size M,   SOLD

item 1693, N.E.From Sterling 3 balls ring, size K, 5.5, costs  £ 70

item 1694,  N.E.From Sterling gold flower ring, Size M, 6, 52,  costs £75

item 1695,  N.E.From Sterling chrysoprase brooch, costs £ 75

item 1696,  N.E.From Sterling horseshoe cufflinks, SOLD

item 1697,  N.E.From Sterling bar cufflinks, SOLD

Wednesday, 22 November 2017

3 great Danish silversmiths: Bent Knudsen, Poul Warmind and Arne Johansen

Here is a wonderful collection of silver jewellery by 3 of Denmark's most renowned modernist silversmiths: Bent Knudsen, Poul Warmind and Arne Johansen.  All three were hands-on silversmiths, designing and making the jewellery themselves. Warmind and Johansen lived in the same district and collaborated on promotions.

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item 1668.  Bent Knudsen silver drop earrings with hooks, SOLD

item 1669,  Bent Knudsen Sterling open ring, size L/6/52, SOLD

item1670,   Bent Knudsen Sterling silver cufflinks no.20,  cost £175

item 1672,  Poul Warmind Sterling silver aerodynamic ear clips, cost £56

item  0160, Poul Warmind aerodynamic brooch, costs  £ 68

item 1671, Poul Warmind Sterling silver aerodynamic necklace, SOLD

item 0033,  Arne Johansen bracelet, SOLD

item 1673,  Arne Johansen Sterling abalone ring L,  SOLD

item 1674,  Arne Johansen Sterling silver abalone cuff bangle. SOLD

item  1675,  Arne Johansen  Sterling abalone ring, size N-O,  SOLD

item 1676,  Arne Johansen Sterling silver lapis ring, size J / 5,   SOLD

item 1677,  Arne Johansen Sterling silver ring,, size M / 6.5, SOLD 

item 1678,   Arne Johansen  Sterling silver ring, M / 6,    costs £60

item 1680,    Arne Johansen  Sterling silver bracelet,    sold

item 1679,    Arne Johansen Sterling silver necklace, SOLD
item 1682,   Arne Johansen ? knot brooch,   SOLD

item  1681  Arne Johansen small  Sterling cream pendant + chain, SOLD

Friday, 17 November 2017

Hans Hansen of Kolding, Denmark

Here are a dozen wonderful works of wearable art by the illustrious Danish silversmithy, Hans Hansen. The designers include Karl Gustav Hansen, Bent Gabrielsen and Allan Scharff.  4 of the pieces are returning items. the rest of new to the website.
After the takeover of the smithy in 1991 by Georg Jensen, the most successful items, eg the Peak series, continued to be produced by Georg Jensen. Also, some designs which were created just before the takeover were also stamped by Georg Jensen.
Enjoy !

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item 1660,  Hans Hansen Sterling ring by Allan Scharff, size Q, SOLD

item 1661, Hans Hansen  Sterling ring, 21,  designed by Bent Gabrielsen, size  L-M,   SOLD

item 1662,  Hans Hansen Sterling ring by Allan Scharff, , produced by Georg Jensen, size M, costs £295 

item 0719,  Hans  Hansen 'Peak necklace, designed by Bent Gabrielsen, produced by Georg Jensen, 14 links, SOLD

item 0717,  Hans Hansen 'Peak bracelet, designed by Bent Gabrielsen, produced by Georg Jensen, SOLD

item 1664,  Hans Hansen 'Peak' earrings, screws, designed by Bent Gabrielsen, SOLD

item 1665, Hans Hansen 'Peak earrings, with posts, designed by Bent Gabrielsen, SOLD

top view of earrings, item 1665

item 1663, Hans Hansen arm cuff / bangle, designed by Bent Gabrielsen, SOLD

item 0731, Hans Hansen screw earrings, SOLD

item 1667,  Hans Hansen cufflinks, SOLD

item 1666,  Hans Hansen ribbon brooch, designed by Allan Scharff, also stamped by Georg Jensen, SOLD

item 1275, Hans Hansen oval brooch, designed by Bent Gabrielsen,  SOLD