Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Danish silver rings, Sizes L, M, N

Here is a collection of Danish silver rings, sizes L -N ( 6/7) as well as 3 rings which can be adjusted to fit several finger sizes.

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item 1399, Rey Urban for Fausing Sterling ring, size L/6, SOLD

item1400, Aagaard Sterling crumple cast ring, size L/6/52,  costs £60

item 1401,  Bernhard Hertz Sterling helmet ring, size L/6/52,  Costs £65

item 1402,  Danish mid century silver flower ring, size L/6/52. costs £48

item 1403, Einer Fehrn amber ring, size L/6/52,  size L, SOLD

item 1404, ALE Sterling ring with gold, size M/6.5/52-53, costs £55

item 1405,  WK modernist ring, size M-N/6.5/53-54. costs £48

item 1406,  DSI ring with hematite ball, size M-N / 6.75 /54, costs £48

item 1407, Aagaard pierced ring, size N/7/54, costs £48

item 1408, Horsens silver (W&SS) huge knot ring, size N/7/54, SOLD

item 1409, C.O.Frydensberg ball ring, size N/7/54, SOLD

item 1410, Randers Silver huge brown agate ring, adjustable size, SOLD

item 1411, Randers silver brown agate ring, adjustable finger size, SOLD

item1412, Randers Silver green agate ring, adjustable finger size, SOLD