Wednesday, 22 July 2020

Danish silver earrings

Here is a collection of Danish silver earrings, 5 for pierced ears  4 with clips and one over the ear.
Not all of them have maker's marks, but they were all purchased in Denmark and the designs are very Scandinavian.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 2346.   Sterling silver over ear hoops,, cost  £68

item 2347,  Softly triangular Sterling silver ear clips,, cost £36

item 2348,  Enevoldsen Sterling ear clips,  cost £45

item 2349,  Danish Rococo silver ear clips, cost £33

item 2350,  Aage Naestved Sterling silver ear clips, cost £45

item 2351,  Pernille Croydon Sterling fan ear studs, cost £33

item 2352, Silver Line freeform Sterling ear studs,  SOLD

item 2353,   Danish Sterling spirals earrings, hooks,  cost £64

item 2354,  Danish Sterling triangular ear studs,  cost £42

item 2355,  Silver paddle drop earrings, post backs, cost £38

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