Sunday, 17 May 2020

Danish silver necklaces and pendants

Here is an assortment of Danish silver necklaces and pendants,. They cover the last hundred years in style. 3 pieces have been on the website before, the rest are new and several are extremely rare.

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item 2305.  Eiler & Marløe  Art Deco silver lily pad necklace, SOLD

item 2306,  Danish early 20th century floral necklace, costs £145

item 0256,  Midcentury Danish silver necklace ( Siersbøl ),  SOLD

item 2307,  Bernhard Hertz Deco silver figurative pendant,  costs £145

item 2308, DGS silver Deco deer pendant, no. 296,  costs £99

item 2309,  F Matzen antique silver moonstone pendant,  costs £145

Item 2310,  John Lauritzen  silver star pendant, SOLD

item  2311,  Jytte Kløve Sterling necklace,  SOLD

item 2312,   Scrouples Sterling silver modernist pendant, costs £85

item 2102,  Horsens (W&S.S.)  banded onyx modernist pendant, SOLD

item 1263,  Flora Danica silver gilt parsley pendant. costs £49

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