Sunday, 8 December 2019

Arne Johansen, Denmark

Arne Johansen (1927 – 2004)
A master of modern design, Arne Johansen started his workshop in Roskilde, Denmark, in 1954 and continued production until 1993. His work is characterised by the pure simplicity of line, elegant design, the substantial weight of the silver, and the expertise of the craftsmanship. 
This listing is exclusively dedicated to Arne Johansen,  with 7 items new to the site and 6 returning items.

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Item 2243,   Arne Johansen silver amethyst pendant,   SOLD

item 0032, Arne Johansen boomerang brooch,  costs £68

item 0033, Arne Johansen boomerang bracelet, short length, costs £175

item 0873,  Arne Johansen  Sterling silver cubes bracelet,  SOLD

item 2244,   Arne Johansen sleek silver concave brooch,  costs £99

item 0234,   Arne Johansen Sterling silver ring, , Size N,  SOLD

item  2248,  Arne Johansen silver paisley brooch,  SOLD

item 2245,  Arne Johansen silver lapis lazuli pendant, SOLD

item 0227 Arne Johansen abalone earrings, converted for pierced ears, SOLD

item 2246,   Arne Johansen silver abalone bracelet,  SOLD

item  2247,     Arne Johansen silver abalone ring   size,  J/5/49,  costs £75 

item 0114, Arne Johansen tiger eye pendant, SOLD

item 2249,  Arne Johansen tiger eye necklace, costs £135

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