Friday, 8 December 2017

Mixed bag of Danish bracelets, brooches and cufflinks

Here is a varied collection of Danish silver bracelets, brooches and cufflinks, in styles from the Art Nouveau through to 1970s Danish modern. The silversmiths represented include Eiler & Marløe, Aarre & Krogh,  Brdr,Bjerring, Randers Silver, Herman Siersbøl, Bernhard Hertz, Hans Jensen, I.B.Jensen, and Flora Danica, all well known names in Danish silver jewellery.

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ITEM 1698,  Eiler and Marløe silver floral bar brooch, no.231, costs £55

item 1699,  C.A.Christensen silver Art Deco bird brooch,  SOLD

Item 1700, Danish midcentury silver floral brooch,  costs £ 75

item 1701,  Flora Danica silver-gilt clover brooch, costs £ 40

item 1702,  Herman Siersbøl Sterling 'boomerang' brooch, SOLD

item 1703,  Fuglede Art Nouveau silver moonstone bar brooch,  SOLD

item 1704,  Aarre & Krogh Sterling silver bangle with ball,  SOLD

item 1705, DGS silver acorn bracelet, costs £ 85

item 1706,  Jens Tage Hansen Sterling silver bracelet for small wrist,  SOLD

item 1485, I.B.Jensen silver deer bracelet, costs £99

item 1707,  Dansk Smykkekunst Sterling silver bangle with porcelain, costs  £80

item 1708,  Scrouples Sterling modernist bar bracelet,  SOLD

item 1709,   Brdr Bjerring Sterling silver concave cufflinks, cost £60

1710,   Randers Sterling silver knot cufflinks,  SOLD

item 1711,  Eiler and Marløe silver modernist cufflinks, no. 400,  SOLD

item 1712,  Hans Jensen Functionalist  silver ball cufflinks, cost £70

item 1713,  Bernhard Hertz Sterling silver spiral cufflinks, SOLD

iten 1714, Ulrichsen Sterling silver softly triangular cufflinks, cost £55

item 1715,  Hans Jensen silver floral tie clip, costs £38

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