Saturday, 4 November 2017

Swedish and Scottish collection

Here are 21 items of silver jewellery from Sweden and Scotland.  The Swedish makers include Alton, Bengt Hallberg and Atelier Borgila.  The Scottish makers include Ola Gorie, Ortak, Pat Cheney and Carrick Jewellery, the latter with a collection of designs inspired by the designs of Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

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item 1641   Alton Per Dåvik large Sterling ring with grey pearl, size S /9,  SOLD

item 1642,  Bengt Hallberg large crystal ring, adjustable size,  SOLD

item 1643,  Bengt Hallberg Sterling silver  rock crystal bangle, SOLD

item 1644,  Atelier Borgila Sterling silver modernist floral bangle, SOLD

item 1645,  Ceson Guldvaru pendant on neckring,  costs £60

item 1646,  Alton Sterling silver Pyrite brooch, costs £65

item 1647,   Pinco Förening mid century silver brooch,  SOLD

item 1648 ,  Ortak silver Scottish Thistle pendant + chain,  costs £49

item 1649,  Ortak Scottish silver thistle brooch with box, costs £55

item 1650,  Carrick Jewellery Ltd Mackintosh inspired pendant + chain, costs £36

item 1651,   Carrick Jewellery Ltd silver Mackintosh inspired ear studs with box,  cost £28

item  0215,  Carrick Jewellery Ltd silver Mackintosh inspired rose brooch, costs £44

item 1652, Carrick Jewellery Ltd silver Mackintosh inspired earrings with posts,  cost  £33

item 0214,  Carrick Jewellery Ltd silver Mackintosh rectangular brooch, costs £33

item  1653,    Heathergem modernist Sterling silver brooch,  SOLD

item  1654,  Ola Gorie Ninian ear studs, SOLD

item 1655,  Ortak early modernist  silver brooch with amethyst,   SOLD

item 1656,   Ortak modernist silver ear studs in box,  SOLD

item 1657,  Ortak modernist Sterling silver necklace in box,  costs £55

item 1658,  Pat Cheney Art Nouveau silver enamel brooch,   SOLD

item  1659,  Magnus Maximus Designs Sterling rough amethyst ring, size P / 7.78,  SOLD

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