Sunday, 22 October 2017

David-Andersen Norway collection

Here is a wonderful collection of 15 pieces of silver jewellery and 1 bronze piece by Norway's leading silversmithy, David-Andersen.  There are traditional pieces, replicas of prehistoric finds, as  well as modernist designs of the 1960s and 1970s.

The collection includes items of plain silver, silver with stones and silver with enamel. There are rings, brooches, earrings, pendants and a bangle. There are 5 returning items, the rest are new to the website.

For further details and to place your order, go to the website

item 1630,    David-Andersen,   Uni's lucky charm ring, size L / 6 (adjustable),  costs £125

item 1631,  David-Andersen modernist Sterling silver ring, size Q /8 (adjustable) , SOLD

item  0991,   David-Andersen Saga series bangle. SOLD

item 1632,  David-Andersen Saga series ear clips, cost  £75

item 1633,  David-Andersen Sterling gilt  trefoil Viking Saga brooch,  costs  £85 

item 0140,  David-Andersen traditional floral brooch, costs  £75

item 1634,  David-Andersen, Bjørn Sigurd Østern,  Sterling fleet of Viking ships pendant / brooch + chain,  SOLD

item 1635,   David-Andersen Sterling modernist pendant + chain,  costs £225

item 1636,  David-Andersen, Marianne's Heart Sterling carnelian pendant + chain,  SOLD

item  1637,  David-Andersen Sterling green enamel ring, adjustable,  SOLD

item 1638,  David-Andersen, Hannelore Sorge,  Sterliing enamel ear clips,  cost £75 

item  0903,  David-Andersen large brown butterfly brooch,  SOLD

item 0419,   David-Andersen, Thorbjørn Lie Jørgensen,  Autumn season enamel brooch, SOLD

item 0419,   David-Andersen, Thorbjørn Lie Jørgensen,  Winter season enamel brooch, SOLD

item 1639,  David- Andersen, Karl Otteren, blue enamel brooch / pendant + chain,  SOLD

item 1640,  David-Andersen blue enamel on bronze pendant + chain, costs £225

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