Monday, 7 August 2017

Danish necklaces and pendants

Here is a collection of  Danish silver necklaces, all styles, and prices. There are modernist designs, Art Nouveau and Art Deco. There is pearl, hematite and porcelain. Something for everyone!

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item  1557. Aarre & Krogh Sterling silver necklace, sold

item 1558, Volmer Bahner Sterling silver necklace, sold

item 1559, Aagaard oxidised Sterling silver necklace, SOLD

item 1560,  Algot Enevoldsen silver pendant with gold,  SOLD

item 1561, Sandek crumple cast pendant  SOLD

item 1562,  C Brumberg Hansen silver pendant with foliage and scrolls,  SOLD

item 1563, I.B.Jensen silver Art Deco fish pendant, SOLD

item 1564, Herman Siersbøl Sterling silver Art Nouveau  pendant, costs £68

item 1565,  Hans Henrik Nygaard Sterling silver hematite pendant, SOLD

item 1566, JC Danish silver woven pattern pendant + chain, SOLD

item 1567,  Bing & Grøndahl porcelain pendant/ brooch  with children reading, costs £ 36

item 1538,   Bing & Grøndahl porcelain thimble pendant, costs £36

item 1539, Dansk Smykkekunst Sterling porcelain shard pendant, costs £36

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