Saturday, 24 June 2017

Affordable Danish silver cufflinks

Here is a collection of silver cufflinks, largely Sterling, all from Denmark.  As they were made by some of the less famous silversmiths, they may acquired at more affordable prices, despite the equally high quality of the craftsmanship of Willy Kromar, Aarre & Krogh, Axel Holm and others.

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item 1518,   Herman Siersbøl Sterling silver onyx cufflinks, SOLD

item  1519,  C.O.Frydensberg Sterling silver dish cufflinks, cost  £40

item 1520,   Herman Siersbøl Sterling silver spiral cufflinks, SOLD

item 1521,  Meka  Sterling silver bar cufflinks, cost £36

item 1522,  Axel Holm Sterling gilt diamond pattern cufflinks, SOLD

item 0880, Jens Tage Hansen Inuit head cufflinks, SOLD

item  1523,  PE Boesen silver foliage cufflinks,  SOLD

item 1524,  Willy Kromar Sterling silver grooved bar cufflinks,  SOLD

item  1525,  DGH large Sterling milky amethyst cufflinks,  SOLD

item  1526,  Jens Tage Hansen Sterling freeform cufflinks,  cost £55

item 1527,  S Christian Fogh Sterling knot cufflinks, cost £55

item 1528,  Aarre &  Krogh  Sterling silver grid bar cufflinks , cost £60

item 1529,  Munksgaard  large silver grooved tie clip, costs £55

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