Wednesday, 3 May 2017

Norwegian enamel jewellery

Here is a wonderful collection of Sterling silver enamel jewellery from Norway.  All the items have been guillochéed, that is, been engraved with a pattern on the surface of the silver, before the enamel was laid on top.  The edges and backs have been gilt, that is, treated with a gold wash.
The collection includes brooches, necklaces, bracelet, earrings and a ring.  There are quite a lot of white pieces, but also black, red, blue, pink and olive in colour. The designs are both traditional and modernist and include a couple of butterflies, aiming to settle on your jacket for the summer.  Enjoy.

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item 1469,  Ivar Holt Sterling red guilloche  enamel necklace, SOLD

item 1470,  Ivar Holt Sterling red guilloche enamel ear clips,  SOLD

item 1471,  Aksel Holmsen Sterling red guilloche enamel ring, adjustable, SOLD

item 1472   O.F. Hjortdahl white enamel deer brooch,  SOLD

item 1473,  Harry Pedersen gilt Sterling white guilloche  enamel necklace, SOLD

item 1474,  Arne Nordlie Sterling gilt white enamel ear clips,cost £36

item 1475,  Arne Nordlie white enamel freeform brooch, SOLD

item 1476,  Ivar  Holt large Sterling white enamel butterfly brooch, costs £85

item 1477,  Nils Erik Elvik gilt Sterling black and white enamel bracelet.,  Sold

item 1478,  Ivar Holt Sterling black enamel filigree brooch,  SOLD

item 1479,  Balle gilt Sterling blue enamel brooch,  SOLD

item 1480,  Albert Scharning gilt Sterling blue enamel necklace,  SOLD

item 1481,  Aksel Holmsen blue and white enamel butterfly brooch, SOLD

item 1482,  Finn Jensen pink enamel leaf bracelet,  SOLD

item 1483, Ivar Holt Sterling olive guilloche enamel ribbon brooch, costs £80

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