Thursday, 6 April 2017

Danish enamel jewellery

Here is a lovely collection of Danish enamel jewellery by Anton Michelsen, Volmer Bahner , Poul Warmind and others.

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item 1441,  Anton Michelsen Forget-me-not brooch,  SOLD

item 1442, Viggo Pedersen Sterling large enamel daisy ear clips,  cost £75

item 0108 , Anton Michelsen medium guilloche daisy brooch, SOLD

item 0107  Anton Michelsen enamel daisy pendant + chain, costs £115

item 0209  Volmer Bahner blue enamel teardrop bracelet, costs £125

item 1443,  Volmer Bahner Sterling white enamel teardrop necklace, costs £185

item 1444, Volmer Bahner, large circle of green butterflies brooch, SOLD

item 1445,  Volmer Bahner Sterling green or white guilloche enamel butterfly brooch, cost  £60 each,  SOLD WHITE

item 1446, Volmer Bahner, small Sterling white enamel butterfly brooch, SOLD

item 1447,   Jemax Sterling white enamel pendant and earclips, SOLD

item 1448, Poul Warmind Sterling enamel brooch and ear clips, costs £145

item 1449,  Meka black enamel pendant, SOLD

item 1450, Jens Tage Hansen Sterling black brooch, costs £60

item 1451, Volmer Bahner Sterling black enamel zig zag brooch, costs £70

item 1452, Munksgaard Sterling with blue enamel flowers earrings, Sold

item 1453,  Volmer Bahner Sterling blue enamel cufflinks, SOLD

item 1454,  Volmer Bahner Sterling white enamel tie clip, costs £40

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